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The Eye Rests Only on Beauty


CurreyCo Forest Light Chandelier

The Forest Light Chandelier by Aviva Stanoff.

“For the eye has this strange property,” wrote Virginia Woolf: “it rests only on beauty; like a butterfly it seeks color and basks in warmth.”  We are basking in the glow of our new product lineup as we ready the showrooms for the fall design markets. We just wrapped What’s New What’s Next to rave reviews for the sneak peek we offered attendees of our new designs by Denise McGaha, Barry Goralnick and our talented design team.


WNWN: That’s a Wrap!

WNWN Currey Showroom NYC

Sandra Funk from the House of Funk in New Jersey conducts a lively interview with Barry Goralnick, Denise McGaha and Cecil Adams.

As you can see from the shot above, we had a lively time. Sandra Funk from the House of Funk in New Jersey conducted a lively interview with Barry, Denise and Cecil Adams about the new collections we are debuting via Facebook LIVE, which ran on 3 channels. We were so happy to have Ranya Barrett, Sarah Harris and Sandra, the talented team from House of Funk, brighten up the showroom!


Upcoming High Point Events

Join Currey & Company for Preview Day!

Join us for Preview Day!

We will soon be seeing all of you in our showroom during High Point Market with the beauty, color and warmth effervescing around us. Join us at IHFC M110 on Main Street on Friday, October 12, for Preview Day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to be the first to see our new products. We will toast our 30-Year Anniversary from 3 to 5 p.m. so come sip some bubbly with us to celebrate!

CurreyCo Barry Goralnick Collection

We celebrate our new Barry Goralnick Collection.

On Saturday, October 13, come by the showroom and meet designer Barry Goralnick and tour his new collection. The new lighting he has designed includes the Blodgett Swing-Arm Wall Sconce below. Come raise a glass to this talent as we include him in our collaborative family!

Currey Co Denise McGaha Collection

We launch The Denise McGaha Collection.

On Sunday, October 14, from 3 to 5 p.m., we will celebrate the launch of The Denise McGaha Collection. The designer will be on hand to talk about her inspirations for her pieces and we’ll have libations and bites on hand so come for the fun!

Jeffrey Dungan signs his new book at CurreyCo

Join us as Jeffrey Dungan signs his new book.

On Monday, October 14, from 2 to 4 p.m., we have a book signing for Jeffrey Dungan’s new title The Nature of Home: Creating Timeless Houses. Come snag a copy of his beautiful book and meet the man whose vision emanates from its colorful pages. We’ll be pouring a little bubbly, of course, and serving up a bit of nourishment for all of you weary Market movers and shakers.


Some of the Beauties We Will Unveil in High Point

Currey & Company Chaumont Small Orb Chandelier

Our new Chaumont Small Orb Chandelier.

The Chaumont Small Orb Chandelier seems to be creating its shade as you watch, the frenetic vivacity of the lines unfurling in golden splendor. Made of wrought iron, the exterior is bathed in a luxuriant contemporary gold leaf finish while the inside of the bottom bowl that holds the light source has been treated to an acrylic white finish to give the illumination more oomph.

Astrid Pendant by Denise McGaha for Currey & Company

The new Astrid Pendant designed by Denise McGaha.

Flaunting its luminous aqua blue glass shade, the Astrid Pendant effervesces like bright sunlight striking the surface of the sea when the lights are switched on. Denise McGaha, who designed the pendant, chose the color of the glass to recall summer trips to the beach. The circular orb cage surrounding it, in an antique brass finish, is a finely designed touch that lends the fixture’s profile a smart freshness. Place it over a kitchen island or a nightstand to add a joyful ambiance to the room.

Blodgett Swing-Arm Wall Sconce by Barry Goralnick for Currey & Company

The new Blodgett Swing-Arm Wall Sconce designed by Barry Goralnick.

Is it the graceful shapes that make this fixture so elegant or the luminous turquoise color of the glass? We are of a mind that it is both, our Blodgett Swing-Arm Wall Sconce so serene thanks to the elements that come together to create its bearing. The metal wallplate and hardware have been treated to a brushed nickel finish to make sure the metal doesn’t outshine the glass. In our Barry Goralnick Collection, the fixture’s final flourish is the fabric shade that fits this piece so perfectly.

Figuier Mirror by Marjorie Skouras for Currey & Company

The new Figuier Mirror designed by Marjorie Skouras.

Known for taking symbols from nature and turning them into the most exuberant of motifs, Marjorie Skouras has done it again with the Figuier Mirror. The leaves, made of cast aluminum in an antique brass finish with subtle green veining, seem so supple they are surely being stirred by a gentle breeze. The slender stems that dance along the edge of the mirrored surface create a playful pattern all their own. This decorative mirror will wow whether placed within a traditional setting or a classical backdrop.

Currey & Company Briallen Caviar Black Box

We’ve expanded our Briallen line with this Briallen Caviar Black Box designed by Aimee Kurzner.

Stunning in its simplicity of lines and its artful hardware, the Briallen Caviar Black Box has an elegant Caviar-black stained wood and an impressively sized brass flower handle that steals the show. The stylized floral accent, which we’ve treated to an antique brass finish, also serves as a decorative element to make this box a bit of haute couture for a space. Place it on a dresser in a beautifully designed boudoir, on a coffee table or on a side table in a lovely den and watch it blossom in the space!We also offer this piece in a gray/silver combination. This lovely design and the Kallista Writing Desk below were created by Aimee Kurzner, Currey’s Director of Furniture.

Currey & Company Kallista Writing Desk

Aimee Kurzner also designed our new Kallista Writing Desk.

Hello gorgeous is what everyone will be saying to the Kallista Writing Desk with its amped-up personality! The beauty of this piece has to do with the mix of dark sapphire and glossy caviar black finishes, which enliven the sycamore veneers, the woodgrain bringing the cabinet a hint of distressing. This is juxtaposed against the sleek lines of the piece that is made even more tailored by the antique brass detailing. To see all of these beauties in person, stop by and see us in High Point in our showroom at IHFC – M110, Main, Floor 1. We’re at shuttle stop 1 from the Transportation Terminal.

Virginia Woolf by Vanessa Bell

A portrait of Virginia Woolf painted by Vanessa Bell. Image courtesy Estate of Vanessa Bell/ Henrietta Garnett.

Using her novelist’s eye, Woolf goes on to declare in her essay “Street Haunting,” “On a winter’s night like this, when nature has been at pains to polish and preen itself, it brings back the prettiest trophies, breaks off little lumps of emerald and coral as if the whole earth were made of precious stone.” We are not yet in winter but it is not far away. We look forward to showing you all our pretty trophies in a few weeks. Until then, we’ll be polishing and preening!



The Glass Menagerie

In one of his most powerful plays, The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams wrote, “Memory takes a lot of poetic license.” We at Currey & Company believe there is a parallel between memory and art, as many of our products have such longstanding traditions behind them given how generations of artisans have passed down their insight to […]



Celebrating the Birth of Industrial Chic

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Considering the Source as We Design

A wise man once said “There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same.” Well, whomever composed this Chinese proverb didn’t know the talented design team at Currey & Company, as the varied points of view of each one brings strength to the collaborative process. This is […]



The Sense of Beauty

The Sense of Beauty In his book The Sense of Beauty, George Santayana says that to feel beauty is better than to understand how we feel it: “To have imagination and taste, to love the best, to be carried by the contemplation of nature to a vivid faith in the ideal, all this is more, […]



Effervescing at High Point

Given we are known for our lighting, you might say that we at Currey & Company are effervescent! In preparing the material for the new releases debuting during High Point Market, which will glint onto the scene within a few hours, we noticed how many glowing products we have in our introductions. We’ll prove just […]



Being Stylish is Never a Crime!

  In perusing the stylish new products that will debut during High Point Market in a few weeks, I noticed there is an abundance of offerings with tailored sophistication this go-around. But just as fashion would be dull without the bling, we have ample jewels to decorate a space regardless how clean-lined the décor. This […]



No Manufacturer Is an Island

Given we’ve just commemorated Valentine’s Day and this is the month of love, we thought it would be an excellent time to celebrate relationships. We’ll steer clear of romance for now in order to extol our many collaborations that help us maintain a vibrant network in our industry and a strong sense of identity as […]



In the Thick of Awards Season

We’re in the thick of awards season, the Golden Globes a recent memory and the Oscars ready to be handed out on ABC in just a little over a month (that’s March 4, 2018, in case the date has slipped your notice). We’re seriously proud to note we’ve landed an award of our own during […]



The Decoration of Houses

In the opening essay of The Decoration of Houses, Henry Hope Reed salutes the book’s authors, Edith Wharton and Ogden Codman, Jr., by noting, “their voice of authority joined to a shrewd sense of observation and a willingness to explain our instinctive responses to the visual devices of architecture, decoration above all.”   The Decoration […]