California Proposition 65

Currey & Company is currently complying with all requirements regarding California Proposition 65 and will continue its compliance on and after August 30, 2018 by placing the required warnings on its products or the product packaging for its products.

The new regulations allow businesses to avoid specifying a chemical in their warnings, but only if the warning is provided on the product, contains the pictogram, and states the following for exposures to both a listed carcinogen and a reproductive toxicant: “WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -” (This statement can mention only “Cancer” or “Reproductive Harm” if the warning is provided for only one of those endpoints.)

Warning will be in 8-point type and will include a black exclamation point in a yellow equilateral triangle with bold black outline.

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Electrical Certifications

Currey & Company lighting products are designed and engineered to meet the rigid safety standards established by Underwriter's Laboratory and bear the UL/CUL label (E141302 or E163523 for the United States and Canada).

Currey & Company lighting products can be manufactured to meet European standards. Please contact our customer service department (678-533-1500) to determine additional charges.

Sale & Use of Currey Products & Assets Online

Retailers wishing to market Currey & Company product through an ecommerce channel, must submit a request in writing for approval. The marketing of our product without prior approval is prohibited and a violation of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Each request must include the associated domain(s) through which our product is to be marketed. If the website is not live, we will require a link to a staging site for review. Currey & Company prohibits the marketing of its product through any unapproved third-party site.

Currey & Company (“Currey”) has adopted this Policy applicable to all Currey & Company customers effective December 15, 2013 with respect to the customers’ advertising over the Internet of products supplied by Currey.

1. Each Currey customer remains free to establish its own resale prices. However, a customer may not (a) advertise or otherwise promote Currey products over the Internet at a net price (final price paid net of any discounts, coupons, promotions) that is less than the Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) established by Currey or (b) sell Currey product to any other person who advertises or otherwise promotes Currey products over the Internet at a net price less than the IMAP established by Currey.

IMAP is equal to Currey Retail List Price multiplied by .88
Example: $100.00 = Retail Price per Currey Price list
$88.00 = IMAP Price

2. If a customer violates this IMAP policy, Currey will request the customer to cease advertising or promoting products on the Internet in violation of IMAP policy. Failure to comply with our requests will result in Currey ceasing to accept from and/or ship orders for said customer.

3. In executing this policy, Currey will act at all times unilaterally, and will neither solicit, consider nor agree to any recommendation, request or demand of any other person. All matters of interpretation and application of the terms of this policy and all matters concerning enforcement of this policy shall remain with the sole, unilateral authority of Currey.

Each Currey customer is free to decide independently whether or not to follow this policy. Currey neither seeks, nor will accept, any assurance of compliance or agreement from a customer regarding this policy. Nor will Currey discuss any conditions of acceptance related to this policy. No one is, has been or will be authorized to modify or alter this policy, or to bind Currey to any action inconsistent with its terms.

Currey IMAP administrator can be reached directly at [email protected].

Our product designs are protected under the laws of the United States of America including the United States Copyright Act. Any infringement will be vigorously prosecuted. Reproduction of any images, either electronic or printed, is strictly prohibited without written authorization of an Officer of the Corporation.