Bristol Mirror
Bristol Mirror

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Bristol Mirror
60h x 30w x 1.5d


The Bristol Mirror is composed of a riveting mix of mahogany solids and brass, the finishes of faux bone, vintage steel and antique brass a combination only a master mixologist could dream up. The hammered nailheads give it that extra oomph where design personality is concerned. The Bristol can be hung vertically or horizontally with the metal cleat that is supplied with the mirror. There are a number of pieces in our Bristol offerings.

Product Specs

  • Product Name: Bristol Mirror
  • Dimensions: 60h x 30w x 1.5d
  • Material: Mahogany Solids/Brass/Glass
  • Finish: Faux Bone/Vintage Steel/Antique Brass/Mirror
  • Freight Information: Furniture Carrier (FC)
  • Item Wt: 42
  • Pkg Wt: 60


Designer Gallery - Bristol Mirror

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