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INSPIRATION | February 14, 2023 | By Saxon Henry

Red Interior Design Accents

If you love pops of color, think red: it is Valentine’s Day after all! It’s easy to see from these vibrant products in luscious ruby hues that red interior design accents will enliven any space in which they are placed, case in point are the Claudel Chandelier and the Conti Pendant in the image above. Did you know that one of the oldest forms of red comes from clay containing mineral hematite, and that white, black, and red were the only colors used in the Paleolithic age because they were easily obtainable in nature?

Red Interior Design Accents

The Currey & Company Rosso Glass Vase is one of our red interior design accents.

From the cave dwellings of that era to its rise in Europe as representations of the aristocracy and the clergy, the color has long been believed to symbolize joy and good fortune. We wish each of you both as we survey the offerings we have that will bring brightness to your spaces, which includes the Rosso Glass Vase shown in the vignette above.

The Currey & Company Lilou Red Table Lamp in a luscious ruby hue.

Serenity has a profile in the Lilou Red Table Lamp with its lovely vase-like profile. Made of porcelain, the red surface has a luster to it for which this time-honored material is known. The depth of the red is luscious and warm, complemented by the metal hardware and base in an antique brass finish. A light element to the composition is the eggshell shantung drum shade, which is fastened in place with an antique brass finial. The Lilou is one of our most popular designs by Tom Caldwell.

The Currey & Company Rosso Glass Vase is one of our red interior design accents.

The Rosso Glass Vase is made of Venetian mouth-blown glass into which glass pieces and beads in a vibrant array of colors have been embedded, providing the surface of the red vase with a highly textural feel. This piece is extremely difficult to make because the glass is very dense, illustrated by how heavy the vase is, which makes it more challenging to blow. As one artist is accomplishing this task, another throws the small bits of glass onto its surface. Timing is key: too early and the pieces melt; too late and they will not adhere.

The Currey & Company Claudel Chandelier in a luscious ruby hue.

Wrought iron finished in a rich Lollipop red and deep-toned satin black with accents in a contemporary gold leaf finish bring the Claudel Chandelier a whimsical appeal. The red chandelier’s profile is so simple, yet the design is sophisticated, particularly the fluted element that connects the fixture to the chain, the pared-down appeal of the arcing lines, and the placement of the gold accents.

The Currey & Company Conti Pendant is one of our red interior design accents.

When we came upon a booth in Paris containing items made from marble composite, the idea for the Conti Pendant was born. With a simple canister shade in a lively red, this small pendant is one of our offerings that is perfect for hanging in installations or in rows above a kitchen island or a bar. The red pendant light brings an instant pop of color, and given the clean hanging hardware in a satin black finish, it seems to float.

The Currey & Company Scarlet Red Muslin Bench in a luscious ruby hue.

The Scarlett Red Muslin Bench has lines and detailing that were inspired by an antique foot stool. Aimee Kurzner, who designed the red bench, updated the classic lines to bring it a chic modern feel. Among the sophisticated design features are geometric adornments in gold leaf and cut-outs in the frame that echo the shapes of these, as well as stretchers with square ornamentations where they connect in the center. This bench is one of our offerings that will accommodate COM.

The Currey & Company Jocasta Red Table Lamp is one of our red interior design accents.

The Jocasta Red Table Lamp is a classic shape in a surprising material. Made of clear red glass and metal in a brass finish, the luminous piece will bring a pop of color into a space whether the red table lamp is switched on or not. A design detail of note is how beautifully the glass base fits into the brass ring that connects it to the body, one that illustrates the talent of our glass artisans. We also offer the Jocasta in a green version.

The Currey & Company Malmo Gold Accent Table in a luscious ruby hue.

The Malmo Gold Accent Table has thumbprint indentions on each of its three sides to bring its profile playfulness. The luscious red and luxuriant gold finishes with their tremendous sheen will enliven a room. Whether happy hour is approaching or morning coffee is being enjoyed, this is a brilliant choice for any spot in a space.

The Currey & Company Red Coral Branches Set is one of our red interior design accents.

Made of composite, the small Red Coral Branches Set fools the eye into thinking each piece is composed of the natural materials found at the bottom of the sea. Though they collectively appear to be placed on turned wood stands, these bases are made of composite as well. The red sculptures have two artisans to thank for the feeling of authenticity: the mold maker, who is central to the work; and the painter, who hand-paints the pieces to create the illusion that they are from nature. We also offer a larger set of coral sculptures in an antique red.

The Currey & Company Riya Red Tray Set in a luscious ruby hue.

Made of cast aluminum, the interiors of the Riya Red Tray Set have been treated to a rich red finish while the exterior is covered in a luxuriant gold. Though these would be the perfect trays for serving champagne during happy hour, the design is so stellar, you may want to leave them to their own devices in the middle of a table or on the corner of a counter.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Currey & Company Mondrian offerings are among our red interior design accents.

We also offer an array of products inspired by Mondrian, many of them shown above. You can see several of the colorful pieces on our website under the Mister M Collection.