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Whimsical Interior Design

INSPIRATION | October 17, 2023 | By Saxon Henry

Whimsy in Interior Design

Our new fall releases include an array of offerings that create whimsy in interior design, and the animal kingdom is well represented, as you can see from the banner image above. If you’re attending High Point Market, and you haven’t had the time to come by and see all of the fun and fascinating new accessories we have just released, we’re in IHFC, Suite M110, through tomorrow.

Whimsy in Interior Design

From left to right: Oscar the Scottish Terrier, Rocky the Teckel, Preston the Pomeranian, and Sam the Mutt.

From left to right: Oscar the Scottish Terrier, Rocky the Teckel, Preston the Pomeranian, and Sam the Mutt.

The canines taking over the faux bois setting above are definitely whimsical in terracotta. The dog sculptures are by the emerging Thai artist Nhut Nhathawut. With expressions that are so lifelike, they seem ready to bark at any moment. There are a number of artisanal aspects to the sculptures that include the obvious strokes of the artist's tools that play along the surface of the dog's body. Brownlee Currey had some fun with each of these canines. He described Rocky the Teckel as, “Known for only biting below the knee, he was last seen wading in the ocean just off Miami.”

Rocky the Teckel is a personable pooch among our new fall offerings.

Rocky the Teckel is a personable pooch among our new fall offerings.

About Oscar the Scottish Terrier, he said, “The aloof, intelligent, pure breed of our pack, he disapproves of everyone else’s shenanigans. Unlike his namesake, he does not live in a garbage can and smells of fresh cut hay.” Brownlee says of Preston the Pomeranian, he “loves being brushed, air conditioning, and sitting with your elderly relatives on the couch.” And about Sam the Mutt, he declared, “There may be some bulldog in there, but Sam’s mental and physical acuity is more akin to a potato than a sporting breed.”

Spot the Dog, a sculpture that embodies whimsy in interior design.

China is the birthplace of porcelain and has been responsible for transforming how people made functional and decorative objects for more than 1,000 years. Young, emerging artist, Yang Xiang Hong took a walk on the wild side when he created an accessory collection for us that coalesces into a menagerie of fish, fowl, and other animals. The artistic designs, which include Spot the Dog shown above, are hand-made of a fine-quality porcelain with hand-painted accents for each of the characters. No two are exactly the same.

Norman the Peacock by Currey & Company is new in fall 2023.

These Picasso inspired pieces will add a distinctive flair to any room with a touch of humor. Among the sculptures he created for us is Norman the Peacock, shown above. Made of porcelain in a washed-white finish with black whimsical details painted by the artist, these fun sculptures will create a stir not unlike Picasso's work did during his ceramics period as he experimented in the South of France.

Eunice the Duck, a sculpture that embodies whimsy in interior design.

Finding working with clay less demanding than painting, Picasso devoted a significant part of his time to producing his ceramics throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Experimenting with various forms, Picasso used engraving, modelling and glazing amongst other techniques to bring the subjects of his ceramics to life. Yang Xiang Hong has followed in his footsteps with this collection that also includes Eunice the Duck, shown above; Leopold the Jaguar; Frank the Bull; Thomas the Bull; and Eddie the Fish.

Yang Xiang Hong creating several of his whimsical designs.

Yang Xiang Hong creating several of his whimsical designs.

Artist Yang received his ceramic training and education at the prestigious Jiangxi University. After he completed his Masters of Ceramics degree, he opened his art studio while continuing his connection with the University by lecturing to inspire the next generation of ceramic artists. Yang’s work has been exhibited and sold in China and around the world. In 2019, he was invited by South Korea to be an artist-in-residence at Dankook University in Seoul where he shared his knowledge of ceramic arts. You can see more of his pieces in this past blog post featuring him.

The Abstract Figure Set embodies whimsy in interior design.

The Abstract Figure Set includes two lyrical sculptures carved from solid wood with a black finish that infuses the figural accessories with greater dynamism. They are larger than small shelf-worthy sculptures so the statement pieces are hefty enough to include in a vignette on a foyer table, on a credenza, or on a console table.

The Colette Objet by Currey & Company is new in fall 2023.

The Colette Objet is a white sculpture with a modernist feel. The black stone base on which it is mounted is a contrasting element that brings the work of art a contemporary feel. Made of cast aluminum, the sculpture has a white gesso finish that is surprisingly textural given the mold into which the molten metal was poured had a stippled interior to result in an intentionally rough surface.

The Turtle Set embodies whimsy in interior design.

The Turtle Set includes three sculptures made of reclaimed wood that make them look like antiques. The primitive feel of the pieced-together reptiles increases the sense of whimsy their composition reflects. The two babies hitching a ride with the parent tell a lively story that will make the composition the highlight of any vignette. Because the rustic pieces are made from recycled wood, each set will be unique.

The Porcino Set by Currey & Company is new in fall 2023.

The Porcino Set includes two mushroom-shaped sculptures made from a lost-wax technique when boiling aluminum is poured into a mold covering an original wax sculpture that melts away. Once set, there is a very long process of refining the metal to give it patina. This stippling on the surface, which has an antique brass finish, contributes to the personality of these gold sculptures.

The Greek Runner embodies whimsy in interior design.

Futuristic even in this day and age, the Greek Runner would have definitely turned heads in ancient times. Carved from black marble, the ultra-contemporary sculpture has been honed so that its surface has a beautiful sheen. The black sculpture will definitely be a conversation starter in a space whether on a shelf or on an entryway table atop a stack of beautiful books.

The Marble Fish by Currey & Company is new in fall 2023.

Bring a little piece of cave-dwelling history into a room with the Marble Fish that is "sketched" on a piece of natural marble by a process that scraped away the surface of the stone to expose the whimsical design. A wonderful decorative element for bookshelves or vignettes, this organically shaped sculpture will be a conversation starter when spotted among a sophisticated collection of decorative accessories.

The Artisan Large Face Disc embodies whimsy in interior design.

Expressive as the face of any human experiencing a bout of curiosity, the Artisan Large Face Disc is the work of an empathic artist. Painted on ceramic with a strong surface patina, the red and blue sculpture will bring a whimsical touch to a space. Because this round sculpture is made by hand, there will be variations in it from piece to piece. The face is hung on a black metal stand. We have two other versions in Medium and Small.