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INSPIRATION | November 28, 2023 | By Saxon Henry

Marble Furnishings Are a Must

Homes & Gardens magazine interviewed a number of top designers about their views as to whether marble is on trend for 2024 and each of them said a resounding yes, and not just for kitchens and baths. We take a look at an array of our new fall releases that are made of or include the luxury material to illustrate why marble furnishings are a must. These include the Moreno Table Lamp and the Jebel Table Lamp in marble shown above with the Imperial Green Table Lamp in porcelain and the Eleanora Table Lamp made of alabaster.

Marble Furnishings Are a Must

The Dakota Small and Large Cocktail Tables are new for Fall 2023.

The Dakota Small and Large Cocktail Tables are new for Fall 2023.

Why is marble so special? you may ask. It takes long periods of time for the metamorphic stone to develop, as it forms when limestone is subjected to an immense amount of pressure for sustained lengths of time. The material has been popular since the ancient cultures in Greece and Rome embraced white and off-white marble for a variety of items from small sculptures to giant pillars. Here’s a look at some of our new offerings in this masterful material.

The Currey & Company Demi Black Console Table is among the company’s marble furnishings.

The Demi Black Console Table is made of solid Bheslana marble. A bevel softens the oval that is carved into the stone on both sides to infuse the black console table with sophistication, as the cut-outs form an oculus. The way the base tapers to a smaller form toward the top is a shapely design move, as is the chamfered detail under the top. This table has a dynamic personality thanks to the veining in the marble, which means each one will be unique.

The Currey & Company Inyo Wall Sconce is new for Fall 2023.

The Inyo Wall Sconce was designed to be an exemplar of contrast. Fitted with integrated LED bulbs, the illumination bounces off the wall and shines through the natural alabaster discs. The darker discs are made of black marble, and the metal brads and stem are in a satin black finish. The black and white wall sconce can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

The Currey & Company Jebel Table Lamp is among the company’s marble furnishings.

Drawing his inspiration from the mid-century modern era, Tom Caldwell designed the Jebel Table Lamp from turned stone elements with incredible personality. The aluminum details in a brushed-brass finish contribute to the warmth of this black lamp's profile, as does the beige linen shade from under which delicate pull-chains dangle.

The Currey & Company Leslie Rosa Marble Box is new for Fall 2023.

The Leslie Rosa Marble Box is made of Rosa Cappuccino Marble, which will have a tremendous level of variation on the surface from piece to piece. This lovely creamy pink decorative accessory is difficult to make because the box is chamfered as it angles up to the top. Designer Aimee Kurzner continues her material exploration in boxes with this contemporary accessory.

The Currey & Company Selene Console Table is among the company’s marble furnishings.

The Selene Console Table is made up of sliced surfaces that create a geometrically interesting shape. Crème marble slabs make up the top and the segments of the base that intersect with the metal in a polished brass finish. The circle cut-outs are clever accents as they move toward the half-moon shape at the floor. We also offer the Selene as an accent table, which is shown in the last image below.

The Currey & Company Moreno Table Lamp is new for Fall 2023.

A delightfully geometric composition, the Morena Table Lamp is made of sections of Rosa Cappuccino Marble, Camello Neve Marble, and Breccia Marble. Designed by Aimee Kurzner, the multi-colored lamp is fitted with a beige poplin shade that is fastened with an orb finial, which matches the top Rosa Cappuccino marble ball. Because this contemporary lamp is made of natural stone, colors and patterns will vary.

The Currey & Company Anu Marble Disc is among the company’s marble furnishings.

The Anu Marble Disc, shown on the left, is a textural marvel. The pitting and mottling of the natural stone make the tan sculpture feel like a fossilized artifact, while the simplicity of the black metal base furthers the feel that this stone disc is museum-worthy. Because the personality of each slice of stone varies, each of these decorative accessories will be unique. We have a slightly different version called the Wes Marble Disc that is also shown above (on the right).

The Currey & Company Prado Drinks Table is new for Fall 2023.

A true masterpiece of Mother Nature's doing, the Prado Drinks Table gleans its personality from the Nero Saint Laurent marble, imported from Italy, that forms its base and top. The striations of color on the blocky piece and the round disc, connected by a metal stem in a black finish, are artfully beautiful.

The Currey & Company Edelmar Table Lamp is among the company’s marble furnishings.

The contemporary shape of the Edelmar Table Lamp is sleek, but the mix of materials composing it is complex. The body is made of black marble cinched in the middle by a brass ring that rises from an optic crystal base. Adding to the intricacy of the design is the knife-pleated off-white shantung shade. An optic crystal finial completes the overall composition.

The Currey & Company Dakota Cocktail Table is new for Fall 2023.

The Dakota Small Cocktail Table has a reeded pedestal base made of solid oak with a brass plinth at the bottom. The oak veneer top has a slice of Crema Marfil marble wedged into it. Fine chamfers seam the two materials as a nice detail that Aimee Kurzner brought to this mid-century-modern inspired design. We also offer the Dakota as a large cocktail table, both of which are shown above in the second image.

The Currey & Company Martini Black Torchiere Table Lamp is among the company’s marble furnishings.

The Martini Black Torchiere Table Lamp was designed by Ian Thornton, whose inspiration was a martini glass that he stretched to form a narrower shape. He made the same move with the black marble base. The result is a chic gold and black table lamp with a cocktail of appealing attributes, including the antique brass finish on the metal and the off-white shantung shade that works in concert with the marble to lighten the composition.

The Currey & Company Demi Black Bookends are new for Fall 2023.

The set of Demi Black Bookends includes two decorative accessories that can stand on their own as sculptural objects or act as stylish bookends. A bevel that softens the oval is carved into the solid marble on both sides, the cut-out forming an oculus. The shapes create black accessories with sophisticated profiles.

The Currey & Company Marble Fish is among the company’s marble furnishings.

Bring a little piece of cave-dwelling history into a room with the Marble Fish that is "sketched" on a piece of natural marble by a process that scrapes away the surface of the stone to expose the design. A wonderful decorative element for bookshelves or vignettes, this organically shaped sculpture will be a conversation starter when spotted among a sophisticated collection of decorative accessories.

Holidays Here We Come!

The Selene Tables are new introductions this fall that include marble elements.

The Selene Tables are new introductions this fall that include marble elements.

As we launch into the holidays with Thanksgiving behind us, we celebrate all of you who have remained so loyal to our blog by taking the time to read it throughout the years, and we can’t wait to experience all of the design adventures to come with you!