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High Point Market Trends

INSPIRATION | May 23, 2023 | By Saxon Henry

High Point Market Trends

It’s clear that spring has sprung and designers are craving freshness and natural materials with spritzes of gold! Among the High Point Market trends to come out of our showroom are whiter shades of pale for accents and lighting, all things woven for furnishings, and hints of gold for a little bit of bling! In case you haven’t stopped by and seen our new Spring 2023 offerings, you can do so in one convenient place on our website. Among our woven stand-outs are the fixtures in the Annabelle family designed by Suzanne Duin, the pendants shown above.

High Point Market Trends

White has might this spring, as you will see from this category of our bestsellers during High Point Market that has the most entrants in trending design stories. From chandeliers and table lamps to lanterns and accessories, designers were snapping up crisp hues as they visited our showroom.

The Currey & Company Magnum Opus Medium Chandelier is one of the High Point Market trends in white.

Tom Caldwell undertook the challenge of creating a clean-lined version of a vintage design when he meticulously conceived the Magnum Opus Medium Chandelier. The rows of glass leaves attached to the three-tier metal stems effervesce when light strikes them to create a stunning sculptural fixture. The white glass also beautifully contrasts the metal in a brass finish, the cool/warm contrast bringing the gold and white chandelier a heightened level of texture. The beautiful white glass leaves also surround the seven bulbs on this fixture to infuse a space with a lovely glow. We also offer this design in a large version.

The Currey & Company Bismarkia Large White Chandelier is new in spring 2023.

The Bismarkia Large White Chandelier was inspired by the noble Bismarkia palm, whose fronds are remarkably large. Marjorie Skouras, who designed the chandelier, has stayed true to her love of nature for this creation. Her passion for the Yucatan, the surroundings in which she lives and through which she translates the flora and fauna into dynamic products in her studio, shines in this steel fixture covered in a crisp gesso white and white finishes. The spiky ornamentations that splay around the 13 lights bring immediate texture to a space. We also offer the Bismarkia as a wall sconce.

The Currey & Company Charny White Table Lamp is one of the High Point Market trends in white.

The playful profile of the Charny White Table Lamp makes this a charming addition to a room. The white table lamp is made of composite with a white gesso finish. The leaf-like shapes that extend from the stem of the Charny make this a terrific luminary for a space inspired by nature. We've topped the lamp with a textural shade. We also offer the Charny as a white floor lamp.

The Currey & Company Tulum White Chandelier is new in spring 2023.

Marjorie Skouras designed the Tulum White Chandelier, inspired by the tropical beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula where she lives. This is a beautifully delicate design, as the sand dollars are cast in semi-translucent bone china and they make a pretty sound when a breeze ruffles them. There are three sizes of removable sand dollars on this design, which makes it easy to clean them. The sugar white finish on the hardware complements the pale discs on this nature-inspired chandelier, making it apropos for rooms overlooking the ocean. We also offer the Tulum as a wall sconce.

The Currey & Company Piccolo White Mini Table Lamp is one of the High Point Market trends in white.

The Piccolo White Mini Table Lamp is a very petite alabaster lamp that was modeled after a vintage design owned by a member of the Currey & Company product development team. At 4.5 inches high to the shade, the little lamp is perfect for sliding into a bookcase. But it is so beautifully luminous when lit, it will hold its own in decorative arrangements. The Piccolo is also available in black, tan, and brown.

The Currey & Company Meraki Mother-of-Pearl Table Lamp is new in spring 2023.

The Meraki Mother-of-Pearl Table Lamp was designed by Pam Bailey and Christina Pomroy to be a luminous element in a room. The brilliance of the mother-of-pearl columnar body will bring sheen to a space even when the lights are switched off. Each piece of the natural material is cut and hand-applied, and the white lamp has a textural feel because the thickness of the shell varies from piece to piece. The gold finish on the metal teases out the warmer tones in the material and the off-white shantung shade echoes the pale swaths of the shell. We offer the Meraki in wood, as well.

The Currey & Company Bastian Large Sandstone Lantern is one of the High Point Market trends in white.

The Arts & Crafts movement inspired the design of the Bastian Large Sandstone Lantern, which is made of wrought iron and wood in sugar white and sandstone finishes. The crisp feel of the white metal clasping the spokes of washed wood brings extra sophistication to this lantern-shaped chandelier. We offer the Bastian in other shapes and in an array of finishes; to find them all, type Bastian into the search bar of our website.

The Currey & Company Felice Box Set was a bestseller in the spring of 2023.

An exquisite example of artistry, the Felice Box Set includes small and large boxes, each of which took hours upon hours to create. Onto a solid box made of Sheesham wood are affixed fluted, looping shapes of solid bone set into matching frames. The natural color of the material means there will be subtle tonal variations that will make each of these decorative boxes unique. The sizes were created so they would nest beautifully.

Woven Wins the Day!

The Currey & Company Deanna Box Set is one of the woven High Point Market trends.

Made of intricately woven ivory raffia, the Deanna Box Set includes two sizes of decorative boxes with black leather tops, and light antique brass handles and hinges. The interiors of these black and ivory boxes are lined with beige micro suede for a luxurious feel. The uniformity of the weave on these boxes is created during a painstaking artisanal process.

The Currey & Company Annabelle Collection is new in spring 2023.

The Annabelle Collection, new this spring, was designed by Suzanne Duin, who founded the Houston shop and design studio Maison Maison. It includes several pendants, a floor lamp, a table lamp, and a desk lamp—all with woven shades. Known for a keen eye in sourcing authentic French antiques and home accessories from around the globe, Suzanne created a line of woven light fixtures that are handmade by artisans in South Asia. The shade, made of water hyacinth, will bring both texture and French flair to a space, the braided edges fine treatments that reflect Parisian style. Infuse a breakfast nook with the lore of the city’s famous cafés with this woven pendant, which is au courant in a mix of natural and mole black finishes.

The Currey & Company Purebred Large Rope Lantern is one of the woven High Point Market trends.

Design notes that make the Purebred Large Rope Lantern special are its modern boxy shapes, its thin metal bands in a contemporary gold leaf finish that contrast wider ones wrapped in Abaca rope, and the care with which the rope has been painstakingly wrapped around the metal.

The Currey & Company Birdsong Floor Lamp was a bestseller in the spring of 2023.

The knobby weave of water hyacinth that covers the Birdsong Floor Lamp takes an artisan a remarkable length of time to achieve to provide the surface with such visual consistency. Designed by Clarence Mallari, the rope floor lamp is statuesque in scale and is a cohesive composition with its finial that matches its body. An off-white linen drum shade adds to the incredible texture this woven floor lamp exudes.

The Currey & Company Sirocco Brass Floor Lamp is one of the woven High Point Market trends.

Tom Caldwell created a light profile for the Sirocco Floor Lamp and wrapped all but the main decorative elements in jute rope. These include the ring at its apex, the small globes at its base and the one connecting the forked arms, and the base itself. Made of steel and natural plated antique brass, the rope floor lamp is fitted with two off-white linen shades. This is a petite floor lamp designed to be a decorative accent in a space. We also offer the Sirocco in a desk lamp.

Golden Nuggets on Trend!

The Currey & Company Flying Gold Collection of tables were trending in the spring of 2023.

Gold iron and cappuccino-colored stone come together to create the Flying Gold Marble Console Table. The X-shaped stretchers and top support are as toothy as the legs to bring this gold console table an industrial vibe, but it is also a shoe-in for a contemporary aesthetic. Design details of note are the way the feet swell and the clever way the legs culminate to embrace the brown marble top. The Flying Gold Collection also includes a gold side table, and a gold drinks table, both shown with the console table above.

The Currey & Company Dany Brass Disc is one of the High Point Market trends in gold.

The Dany Brass Disc has a heavily pitted surface that is rougher than a rough-case treatment, which brings the gold sculpture an intense texture. Adding to this effect is the aged brass finish that collects in the larger crevices to create added patina. A design detail of note is how the oblong marble base is beveled.

The Currey & Company Cici Brass Fish Set was a bestseller in the spring of 2023.

Handmade from brass to look like found objects unearthed in an exotic bazaar, the Cici Brass Fish Set includes one tall and one short fish in antique brass finishes. The artful creations extend from white marble bases that contrast the warmth of the brass fish sculptures.

Designers Are Talking Trends!

The Currey & Company Sirocco Brass Floor Lamp is a tailored example of woven artistry.

The Currey & Company Sirocco Brass Floor Lamp is a tailored example of woven artistry.

Susan Hayward of Susan Hayward Interiors told Good Housekeeping Magazine, “Gold is back forever,” citing the trend for warm tones above cool tones. Statement lamps, particularly glossy ones, are trending, as many of our white ones in this post prove. And Gil Walsh, founder of Gil Walsh Interiors, touted Biophilic design as a trend, a category into which our woven products fit so seamlessly. “As we continue to see the positive effects of being closer to nature, we look to the rising trend in biophilic design to help us bring some of the natural world into the comfort of our homes,” Walsh noted. “The use of natural materials, such as bamboo, cork, sisal, and wood can add texture and character to a space.” We say, “hear, hear” to that!