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INSPIRATION | June 13, 2023 | By Saxon Henry

Nature-Inspired Wall Sconces

Not only do we have a variety of new nature-inspired wall sconces that fit perfectly within the unusual sounding biophilic design trend—including the Gingko Silver Wall Sconce above, we have a number of sconces that are in stock and ready to ship! In case you’re not familiar with this concept for interiors, the term biophilic design was coined when the building industry identified the need to increase the connectivity between the natural environment and human occupants in dwellings.

Nature-Inspired Wall Sconces

One of the key proponents is bringing natural features inside; referencing elements of nature in visual displays; and, if possible, connecting indoor spaces to the outdoors. The benefits include health, environmental, and economic improvements for building occupants and urban environments. Among our new wall sconces that fit within this trend are a wide array of motifs, from leafy offerings to references to sea creatures.

The Currey & Company Sasaya Sage Sconce is a nature-inspired wall sconce.

The creative philosophy behind the design of the Sasaya Sage Wall Sconce was to make a fixture that looks as close as possible to real bamboo. The designer, Tom Caldwell, achieved this by making the green wall sconce asymmetrical and by covering the surfaces with a silvery green sage finish. This sconce is a terrific choice for biophilic design projects.

The Currey & Company Maidenhair Ivory Wall Sconce is new for Spring 2023.

Inspired by the Ginkgo leaf, Clarence Mallari designed the Maidenhair Ivory Wall Sconce that captivates with its flowing pattern of fan-shaped leaves. The wall plate slightly contrasts the antique pearl finish on the shade, which is just a tad lighter. When the lights are switched on, the glow that reflects on all the surfaces is luminous. This nature-inspired beige wall sconce is perfect for a biophilic project.

The Currey & Company Paradiso Gold & Silver Wall Sconce, Left, is a nature-inspired wall sconce.

Made of steel, the left-facing Paradiso Gold & Silver Wall Sconce has a lyrical shape inspired by the Strelitzia reginae, more commonly known as the Bird of Paradise plant. The limbs that arc up and away from a central cone are in a contemporary silver leaf finish, while the blossoms that flow around the light bulbs are in a contemporary gold leaf finish. This silver and gold sconce is an example of how nature-inspired design elements are driving the biophilic movement. We also offer this sconce in a right-facing design.

The Currey & Company Wicklow Brass Wall Sconce is new for Spring 2023.

Playfully arranged leaves flow upward to culminate at the tip of the Wicklow Brass Wall Sconce. Manipulating wrought iron into such life-like shapes is a difficult process that takes great skill and artistry, the process including pressing, shaping, and hammering flat sheets of metal against a form. Covered in a brass finish, the gold wall sconce is certified for damp locations, which makes it perfect for powder and bath rooms. This sconce, designed by Clarence Mallari, can be mounted sideways.

The Currey & Company Birdlore Vanilla Sconce is a nature-inspired wall sconce.

Made of expertly woven rattan that has been bleached, the Birdlore Vanilla Wall Sconce will be an expressive luminary in a space. The process to create this lovely sconce is intensive, as the rattan is submerged in water to make it pliable and then it is woven entirely by hand. The beige wall sconce with its two-tiered shade is a textural accent whether the lights are switched on or not. This is a perfect fixture for a natural material palette and for a room in which neutral colors create a soothing backdrop.

The Currey & Company Tulum White Wall Sconce is new for Spring 2023.

Marjorie Skouras designed the Tulum White Wall Sconce, inspired by the tropical beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula where she lives. This is a beautifully delicate design, as the sand dollars are cast in semi-translucent bone china and they make a pretty sound when a strong breeze ruffles them. There are three sizes of removable sand dollars on this design, which makes it easy to clean them. The sugar white finish on the hardware complements the pale discs on this nature-inspired wall sconce, making it apropos for rooms overlooking the ocean.

The Currey & Company Bismarkia White Sconce is a nature-inspired wall sconce.

The Bismarkia White Wall Sconce was inspired by the noble Bismarkia palm, whose fronds are remarkably large. Marjorie Skouras, who designed the white sconce, has stayed true to her love of nature for this creation. Her passion for the Yucatan, the surroundings in which she lives and through which she translates the flora and fauna into dynamic products in her studio, shines in this steel fixture covered in a crisp gesso white finish. The spiky leaf sconce is lit by integrated LED technology.

In Stock and Ready to Ship

The Currey & Company Gingko Silver Wall Sconce is one of the company’s most popular.

The Gingko Silver Wall Sconce, which is shown in the first image above, is a botanical-inspired fixture with a distressed silver leaf finish on its wrought iron frame. The leaves that fan out from a central stem are in perfect scale to the off-white shantung shade. The fixture meets ADA requirements. We also offer the Gingko in gold and both finishes are in stock.

The Currey & Company Tropical Brass Multi-Leaf Sconce is a nature-inspired wall sconce.

The Tropical Brass Multi-Leaf Wall Sconce is made of brass in a vintage brass finish with leaves fitted to the wall plate seeming life-like. This detail gives the gold sconce, which is certified for damp locations, extra sophistication. We also have this design in a single-leaf sconce. Both of these are bestsellers and are in stock.

The Currey & Company Blossom Brass One-Light Wall Sconce is one of the company’s most popular.

Denise McGaha was inspired by magnolia blossoms when she designed the Blossom One-Light Wall Sconce. "I am super excited that my Southern heritage and love for magnolia is making nature and lighting come together in such a beautiful way!" she says. The brass sconce is one of three fixtures in the blossom family, each certified for damp locations. This version of the Blossom—there is a three-light sconce—is in stock and ready to ship.

The Currey & Company Bellerive Gold Sconce is a nature-inspired wall sconce.

Clarence Mallari designed the nature-inspired Bellerive Wall Sconce, dubbing it a reflection of a celebration of spring. The freeform flowing arms on this gold sconce call to mind vines, and the clear glass votives are cupped by blossoms in a gold leaf finish that pay homage to flowers. This fixture is certified for damp locations.

The Currey & Company Calliope Coco Cream Wall Sconce is one of the company’s most popular.

When Clarence Mallari designed the Calliope Wall Sconce, he was inspired by leaves on the bamboo plant. Though the stem and fronds of this tan wall sconce read as if they are made of natural material, they are fashioned from wrought iron in a mix of coco cream and ivory finishes that are hand-applied by artisans. The placement of the clean-lined rectangular shade is a design detail of note -- its thinness making this sconce ADA compliant.

Nods to Nature

The Maidenhair sconce is shown here with the chandelier.

The Maidenhair sconce is shown here with the chandelier.

It’s incredible to see how our design team creates such an array of nods to nature, each unique to their point of view. Though the name of the biophilic movement was coined in recent history, it has been seen in architecture from as far back as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, so no wonder nature continues to inspire our talented team!