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Currey & Company's Saisei Grande Chandelier.

INSPIRATION | February 7, 2023 | By Saxon Henry

Lighting That Adds Texture

When it comes to lighting that adds texture to a space, we have an array of offerings in our lineup with tremendous character—designs inspired by the far reaches of outer space to the deepest depths of the ocean—the Saisei Grande Chandelier in our Hiroshi Koshitaka collection shown above a nod to the cosmos. The fixture won a 2023 ADEX Award for Design Excellence. We recently learned that the judges who honored Currey & Company with this prize chose the product for its superior design and quality. We’d like to congratulate Hiroshi for this prestigious award and salute him for being one of our most remarkable collaborators. Be sure to read to the bottom of the post to learn more about the ADEX Award.

The Currey & Company Innkeeper Oval Table Lamp is one of our offerings in lighting that adds texture to a space.

Flat discs of terracotta encircle a wrought iron spine on our Innkeeper Oval Table Lamp. The rustic feel of this natural material means it has subtle variations in color and texture that have been enhanced with a rustic granite finish. The gray table lamp is topped with a vanilla linen shade held in place by a matching terracotta finial. The scale of the elliptical shade is perfectly balanced with the smaller terracotta oval of its body.

The Currey & Company Benjiro Chandelier is a textural introduction to a space.

Made of steel in a Cupertino finish, the Benjiro Chandelier was designed by Ian Thornton. The off-white fabric shades fitted into the inner-most cylinders soften the glow of the LED bulbs. Inspired by mid-century modern shapes with a bit of a space-aged twist, Ian tapped into the famed era when wicker and macrame shapes with exploding profiles were all the rage. The dark brown chandelier hangs on aircraft cable to create the illusion it is floating.

The Currey & Company Saisei Grande Chandelier is one of our offerings in lighting that adds texture to a space.

Hiroshi Koshitaka envisioned the Saisei Grande Chandelier as one of a number of fixtures he sees as fulfilling the concept that encompasses the acts involved in regeneration and reproduction as we restore, revive, and experience regrowth and rebirth. Rattan flows artfully around a spiral wrought iron frame in a khaki finish, which is tonally in sync with the natural color of the material. The otherworldly shape of this rattan chandelier was inspired by outer space—galaxies in the universe come to light.

The Currey & Company Akio Chandelier is a textural introduction to a space.

The Akio Chandelier was designed by Clarence Mallari, who was inspired by a quasar. The shape represents the star as it explodes and bursts from the middle toward the top and bottom. The uniformity of the twisted wire requires tremendous artisanship and many hours of concentration to achieve. The steel rods are covered in the same bronze gold finish as the cog that holds the light bulbs. This is a very tall, large-scale black chandelier with out-of-this-world personality.

The Currey & Company Medusa Multi-Drop Pendant is one of our offerings in lighting that adds texture to a space.

The Medusa Rectangular 15-Light Multi-Drop Pendant effervesces with echoes of the deep sea. Beads cascading from its dimpled shades in a nickel finish mimic the profile of a jellyfish, one of nature’s most mysterious creatures. The beads are threaded by hand and the cap is hand-punched, a mix of tasks that are painstakingly involved. These highlight the skills of the craftspeople who make our most artful products. The beads took on added paleness once they were sandblasted before being attached. The canopies of the beaded pendants in this collection are luminous in a painted silver finish.

The Currey & Company Piero Collection includes chandeliers that are textural introductions to a space.

The Piero Collection of chandeliers includes both black and white versions. The newest in the family includes black chandeliers, and a number of our white multi-drops is on our bestsellers list, as is the Piero Large White Chandelier and the Medium White Chandelier. These may appear to be woven from a natural plant material but they are made of iron to make them exemplars of the skills that our craftspeople bring to their work. When the chandeliers are illuminated, textural patterns will enliven surrounding surfaces; when they are not, the flowing weave will continue to be a textural accent in a space.

The Currey & Company Shizen Chandelier is one of our offerings in lighting that adds texture to a space.

Hiroshi Koshitaka was inspired by biophilic attributes when he designed the Shizen Chandelier: the meaning of the word Shizen in in his native Japanese language is “nature.” With this flaring profile, he also continues his exploration of rebirth. The steel frame is wrapped in abaca rope in a uniform pattern that is very hard-won, as the result demands many hours of intensive focus. The metal hardware and cone at the bottom of this generously sized rope chandelier are in a Hiroshi gray finish.

The Currey & Company Maldives Chandelier is a textural introduction to a space.

The Maldives Chandelier is made of wrought iron in a mix of satin black and khaki finishes to make this fixture a shoe-in for a black and natural style approach. The rope-like cage that surrounds it, made of Kraft paper twine, is woven to the frame in two layers, the one closest to the light source more concentrated to diffuse the light. The rope chandelier is fitted with five bulbs to make it a luminous fixture.

New Textural Lighting

Our new products that fit beautifully into the lighting that adds texture to a space category include pendants, lanterns, lamps, and chandeliers.

The Currey & Company Midori Pendant is one of our offerings in lighting that adds texture to a space.

The Midori Pendant is an artisanal piece that takes great skill to create. Two layers of glass are fused to create this white pendant with green accents. First the green glass is blown and then the wite glass is fused on top. Once the overlay glass is in place, the swirling lines are cut through just enough to reveal the green color beneath. Ian Thornton designed this tear-drop pendant with its lovely personality.

The Currey & Company Wanstead Lantern is a textural introduction to a space.

Achieving a traditional lantern shape entirely from wicker is a feat, one that was beautifully realized when artisans wove the Wanstead Lantern from the natural material. Both the thin and thick ribs intermingling to create the wicker lantern have been bleached to lighten the design. The vanilla finish on the hardware enhances the airiness of the lantern's profile.

The Currey & Company Polka Dot Blue Table Lamp is one of our offerings in lighting that adds texture to a space.

The Polka Dot Blue Table Lamp has a columnar ceramic body with a flowing pattern of circular shapes pressed into it, creating drifts of polka dots. Covered in a reactive glaze, the navy-blue table lamp has added depth and texture when a brighter blue color shows through. A metal finial holds the natural linen shade in place. We also offer this design in ivory and green.

The Currey & Company Teahouse 2-Tier Pendant is a textural introduction to a space.

The shade of the Teahouse 2-Tier Pendant is made of rattan. The ribs of the natural material are staggered top and bottom to bring the shape of the shade added interest. The metal stem in a khaki finish mimics the width of the stems for a refined feel. The designer of the tan pendant, Ian Thornton, points out that the finish on the metal reflects the warmth of the rattan when light shines through it.

The Currey & Company Basalt Table Lamp is one of our offerings in lighting that adds texture to a space.

Made of terracotta, the Basalt Table Lamp has a dark gray glaze that gives its surface a metallic feel. Striations were carved into the body of the gray table lamp before the glazing was slathered onto it to bring it a sense of movement. A matching orb finial fastens the bone colored shantung shade in place.

The Currey & Company Phebe Chandelier is a textural introduction to a space.

Lightening the profile of the Phebe Chandelier is the vanilla finish on the hardware and the fact that the wicker shade has been bleached. This beige chandelier that illustrates the hallmark of artisanal fixtures was designed by Clarence Mallari, his keen understanding of finely woven natural materials showing in the design.

The Currey & Company Dash Table Lamp is one of our offerings in lighting that adds texture to a space.

The Dash Table Lamp lives up to its name given its body is striated with an array of dashes. But the white table lamp is also dashing due to its vase-like shape, the subtle white crackle on its surface, and the olive green color that shows through the lines carved into it. A white finial fastens the white cotton shade to the textural lamp.

About the ADEX Awards

Design Journal awarded Currey & Company an ADEX award for the Saisei Grande Chandelier.

Design Journal awarded Currey & Company an ADEX award for the Saisei Grande Chandelier.

Since 1995 ADEX, which is an acronym for Awards for Design Excellence, have recognized superior innovation, function, and aesthetics in design; and is the largest and most prestigious design competition in the architecture and design industry. It amounts to the industry stamp of approval for superior design of architecture and design projects, and furnishings and building materials marketed for specification to the design trade.

The ADEX logo represents excellence in design.

Over 3,000 internationally renowned industry professionals comprise the ADEX global advisory board. A rigorous classification process ensures that each nomination reaches the right audience and competes fairly. One of the first awards to acknowledge sustainability, ADEX is the leader in recognizing projects and products that benefit the environment. ADEX is sponsored by Design Journal which features us front-and-center if you click through to the homepage! You can see other winners on the ADEX Awards website. We salute our design team for setting such high standards that are recognized by organizations like this one.