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Drinks Tables for the Holidays

INSPIRATION | December 12, 2023 | By Saxon Henry

Drinks Tables for the Holidays

Designer, DIYer, and content creator Ursula Carmona is back with us to illuminate how decorating for the holidays doesn’t necessarily require seasonal-themed furnishings. As she said in our post “Vases for Holiday Greenery,” she is not afraid to be a little non-traditional when it comes to holiday décor: “Rather than bring in Christmas-specific accessories, I start with statement pieces that work year-round, then add a few low-key holiday elements to those items.” This is obvious in her images below, which highlights one of our drinks tables for the holidays. The array of our offerings in the image above illustrate how varied they are, each one sitting pretty in front of a sophisticated Thibaut wallpaper

A Toast for Holiday Drinks Tables

Our Silas Black Drinks Table and Imperial Green Deer Ears Vase filled with gorgeous magnolia leaves from Weston Farms, the arrangement by influencer Ursula Carmona.

Our Silas Black Drinks Table and Imperial Green Deer Ears Vase filled with gorgeous magnolia leaves from Weston Farms, the arrangement by influencer Ursula Carmona.

Ursula’s seasonal vignettes shown here showcase one of the many drinks tables we offer, our Silas Black Drinks Table, which is topped with our Imperial Green Deer Ears Vase filled with gorgeous magnolia leaves from Weston Farms. Ursula, who is shown below, is a beautifully expressive home- and garden-style expert. Make sure you take in her blog Home Made by Carmona because it is fantastic. We love that her mission is empowering others to create a home for a life well lived. We asked her about her take on decorating for the holidays given the vignettes she has created are so sophisticated there is not a hint of fussy holiday style in sight. “If you start with well executed lasting design, using gorgeous quality furnishings and accents, then you only need to compliment your space with small festive touches,” she told us.

Designer, DIYer, and content creator Ursula Carmona.

Designer, DIYer, and content creator Ursula Carmona.

We asked Ursula if she has a favorite thing about the holidays, and she answered, “Everything is just a little more enchanting during the holidays. The twinkly lights, the glow of candlelight, the wafting scent of evergreens in the air—all of it automatically romanticizes life. I always appreciate the little moments of experienced beauty, and I love that it isn’t only what you see visually, it is the small treasured moments and memories we are intentional to create during the holidays.” We asked Ursula what inspired her to choose our products for her holiday vignettes. “Every home should have unique finds that make a statement on their own,” she said, “and Currey & Company is an incredible resource for exquisite items that are in a class by themselves.” We can’t thank this influencer enough for sharing with us her brand of sparkle during this festive time of year.

Drinks Tables for Holiday Happy Hours

Currey & Company's Prado Drinks Table

Among our new releases is the Prado Drinks Table, which is a true masterpiece of Mother Nature's doing. It gleans its personality from the Nero Saint Laurent marble, which is imported from Italy, that forms its base and top. The striations of color on the blocky piece and the round disc, connected by a metal stem in a black finish, are artfully beautiful.

Currey & Company's Delle Black Drinks Table

The Delle Black Drinks Table fits perfectly within a bronze-age story, though in the most modern sense of the style. Made of cast aluminum in a bronze finish, the profile of the geometrically sophisticated table has heft for such a small piece of furniture. The black drinks table can also skew rough luxe.

Currey & Company's Acea Gold Drinks Table

The point at which artisanal and fine craftsmanship meet is where the Acea Gold Drinks Table resides. Made of cast aluminum that was poured into a hammered mold to create even greater texture than the metal would have exhibited without the added treatments, the gold drinks table is topped with a cast glass disc that is equally textural and luminous. This table will be a piece of jewelry in a space. We also have the Acea Drinks Table in a graphite finish.

Currey & Company's Lenzi Drinks Table

The Lenzi Drinks Table has a strong graphic quality to its pattern that swells and shrinks as the lines move upward. Made of wood wrapped in a bone and composite inlay, the ivory and black table has a center brass detail in the middle of the top. Stylistically, this modern table exudes a hint of Hollywood glamour.

Currey & Company's Georgetown Brass Drinks Table

A representation of both whimsy and coastal aesthetics, the Georgetown Drinks Table has a fanciful lobster affixed to its thin stem. Made of brass in an antique brass finish, the gold drinks table will bring smiles to all who spy it during happy hour or at any time of the day. The nautical table is a terrific choice for seaside homes and beachfront condos, or any room in which a conversation starter is desired.

Currey & Company's Para Silver Drinks Table

When she designed the Para Silver Drinks Table, our furniture director Aimee Kurzner was channeling her take on modernity. Made of cast aluminum in a shiny nickel finish, the little table is inset with a glass top. We also offer the Para in a bronze version.

Currey & Company's Pilare Gold Drinks Table

The Pilare Gold Drinks Table was inspired when our furniture director Aimee Kurzner turned her attention to exploring jewelry chain-link patterns. Made of cast aluminum in a shiny gold finish, the geometrically rich profile of this little table will make it stand out.

Currey & Company's Gallo White Drinks Table

The Gallo White Drinks Table is a clean and simple design with a casted texture that is further accented by the Gesso white finish, which highlights the character in the material. The white drinks table will bring an ethnic vibe to a room.

Currey & Company's Salice Drinks Table

Our Salice Drinks Table is one of our prettiest offerings. Made of brass with decorative black details where its chain links are cinched, the brass drinks table has a light and airy profile thanks to its cut-outs.

Currey & Company's Pino Drinks Table

Modern shapes and finishes define our Pino Drinks Table that has influences of Paris Moderne in its DNA. The gold drinks table is made of brass and white marble, the veining in the stone bringing a luxe feel to the composition.

Currey & Company's Silas White Drinks Table

Our Silas White Drinks Table is made of steel in a brass antique finish with circular panes of marble. The white and gold drinks table is easy to move from place to place. We also offer the Silas as an accent table and as a drinks table fitted with smoke glass, the latter shown in Ursula’s vignettes above.

Currey & Company's Greta White Drinks Table

Made of composite in a white gesso finish, the Greta Drinks Table has a pedestal that expands before it gathers itself to meet the metal base. The tabletop surround matches the contrasting tone of the base, both in an antique brass finish. The white drinks table is set with a Volakas marble top.

Currey & Company's Piaf Silver Drinks Table

The Piaf Silver Drinks Table is a cast aluminum accent table in a luminous polished nickel finish that will make it gleam from its spot in a room. The whimsical design has two birds perched on twigs extending from a branch-like stem that holds its top. We also offer the Piaf in a shining gold finish.

Happy Holidays!

Bria Hammel, who we will feature on the blog next week, tapped our Gallo White Drinks Table for her holiday décor.

Bria Hammel, who we will feature on the blog next week, tapped our Gallo White Drinks Table for her holiday décor.

We’ve featured so many drinks tables today but there are many more on our website so we encourage you to take a look for the one that suits your style to a tee. Whichever you choose, we hope it will bring the perfect partner for your hot holiday cocoa or the bubbly you choose to ring in the New Year in a few weeks! Next week, we will feature two design dynamos—Bria Hammel and Danielle Balanis, each of whom have included our products in their festive holiday vignettes. Follow Ursula on Instagram to stay abreast of her wonderful take on life and design.