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Our Glace Multi-Drops contain the new integrated LED lighting technology.

INSPIRATION | February 16, 2022 | By Saxon Henry

LED Lighting Development

With the launch of our winter products, we introduced a number of LED lighting offerings so we thought this would be a great time to share the ins and outs of the new technology with our readers. We are illustrating this post with images of new winter introductions that contain LEDs. The images are hyperlinked to make it easy for you to visit the page on our website if you would like to read the product descriptions or see other details.

Exciting LED Lighting Updates

The Finhorn Multi-Drop Pendants also have the latest LED technology in them.

The Finhorn Multi-Drop Pendants also have the latest LED technology in them.

Several of the new introductions we are featuring here have other designs in their families that utilize LED. These include an Ischia Wall Sconce; a Ditchley Wall Sconce and a Pendent; and a larger size of the Lyon Linear. New LED introductions we’re not showing here include the Tetterby Semi-Flush, the Tyrone Flush Mount, and the Ritsu Semi-Flush.

The Ischia Chandelier is among our newest LED lighting products.

The Ischia Chandelier.

From a design standpoint, these are very exciting times in the lighting industry. We are now able to develop light fixtures with features that would not have been possible before LED technology progressed to the point it has now. With each step, we continue to follow the advances so we can take advantage of them. Because the technology is changing very rapidly, the correct answer to any given question today may be answered differently tomorrow, which makes staying abreast of developments a challenge.

The Ditchley Rectangular Chandelier.

The Ditchley Rectangular Chandelier.

The great news for designers is that there are now LED options for practically every type of incandescent bulb: E12 and E26 are the most commonly used in sockets in our product line-up. This gives designers a wonderful array of choices to change what would be a normal incandescent fixture into a more energy efficient LED because the latter operates on low voltage. The two types of LED technology we use are “light engines” and “individual component systems.”

The Iberia Chandelier is included in our newest LED lighting products.

The Iberia Chandelier.

Light engines are self-contained units which have all the parts required to reduce voltage and create “LED” light within one component. The term we use to describe these is “integrated LED,” which we welcome for the ease of production and ease of replacement in the field. Integrated LEDs are most often placed in our flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, and pendants. These designs allow for the light engines to be unplugged and replaced much more easily, though we recommend that this be done by a licensed electrician or professional maintenance person.

The Lyon Linear Chandelier.

The Lyon Linear Chandelier.

Light engines also come in different shapes and sizes: currently, we are using linear- and round-shaped LE’s, which have varied lumen outputs. All of our LE’s are dimmable with the proper dimmer switch. When LED technology first emerged, it was criticized because the illumination felt too cold. Now an array of LE’s can be specified to make up for this. Currently the ones we choose are either 2700K or 3000K, which rest on the warmer end of the spectrum.

The Monreale Chandelier is in our newest LED lighting releases.

The Monreale Chandelier.

Individual Component Systems refer to designs which require multiple parts to be integrated into the fixture. These include, transformers/drivers, diode arrays (strips, tape, or disk), cable systems, and wiring. The components are manufactured into the fixtures in a way that requires attachment mechanisms and soldering of the wiring. In many cases, the transformer/driver fails before any of the other components. Because the transformer/driver is typically located in the canopy, a licensed electrician should replace it and fix problems, though they can do so without too much difficulty. Still, it’s easy to see that when a professional has to exchange multiple components that are hard-wired into the fixture as opposed to a single unit that plugs in, the new advancements in integrated LED lighting are very positive.

More LEDs Coming Soon

Lazio Multi-Drop Pendants contain Integrated LED technology.

Lazio Multi-Drop Pendants contain Integrated LED technology.

As we introduce new Spring and Summer products beginning next month, the number of light fixtures we have that utilizes LED lighting technology will increase. Stay tuned for the first of the big reveals in late March!