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The Penelope Chandelier is one of our Summer 2021 introductions.

INSPIRATION | September 15, 2021 | By Saxon Henry

New Chandeliers Shining Bright

Anyone who is familiar with Currey & Company knows how much effort we put into producing new chandeliers in a wide array of styles and finishes. This summer is no exception. Looking at the breadth of materials, you’ll see metal, vines, fabric beads with gold nuggets, and translucent beads that have been flattened for a cleaner effect. We share a few of the latest and greatest in this all-important category of lighting, the last of the new product offerings before we introduce our new fall releases in a few weeks.

New Chandeliers This Summer

The Currey & Company Penelope Chandelier is one of our new chandeliers.

The Penelope Chandelier is made of wrought iron in an antique black finish in a traditional tear-drop shape that has defined some of the most popular beaded chandeliers in history. This blue chandelier has an unusual design detail to its credit: the brilliant beads are made of fabric and the gold beads are made of gold nuggets. This fixture is an example of how much pleasure we take in creating products from unusual materials.

The Protean Chandelier by Currey & Company.

A lovely flowing pattern of leaf shapes make up the shade of the Protean Chandelier that is made of wrought iron in an antique brass finish. At the center is a frosted glass diffuser that softens the glow of the light wafting down from the fixture. A design detail of note is how the gold chandelier is hung on aircraft cable to keep its profile light and airy. We also offer the Protean as a pendant.

The Currey & Company Pasha Pendant.

A whimsical play on a traditional pendant shape, the Pasha Pendant represents the newest generation of pared-down lines that pay homage to the lanterns that illuminate the spice bazaars in some exotic locale. Made of metal in an antique brass finish, the scalloped shade smartly flows along the frosted glass diffuser.

The Currey & Company Lunaria Chandelier.

With a lyrical profile of fluttering discs that favor the leaves of its namesake plant, the Lunaria Oval Chandelier is made of wrought iron in a contemporary silver leaf finish. The bulbs that are sprinkled amongst the flowing petals of metal reflect off the finish on this silver chandelier to increase the glow. We offer the Lunaria in three chandelier shapes—oval, a large round, and a small round.

The Currey & Company Atoll Chandelier is one of our new chandeliers.

Swirling through the air to create the shade of the Atoll Chandelier are thick vines that carry the elemental markings of nature. Affixed to a wrought iron frame, the wood has been finished in flaxen to enhance the warmth of the natural material. This wood chandelier that will fit so perfectly in a casual interior hangs on aircraft cable to seem even lighter and airier than it would were it hung on heavier chain.

The Osterley Chandelier by Currey & Company.

Made of wrought iron in a Light Mole finish, the Osterley Chandelier is strung with decorative beads. The shape of the black chandelier is traditional but the flat shape of the beads and the fact that they have been strung with less swag brings the beaded chandelier a modern feel. The contrast of the elemental hues in the beds is also a design detail of note.

The Currey & Company Plumaria Chandelier.

The Plumaria was introduced this past spring but it added such a festive note to the post, we tapped it for inclusion. When Clarence Mallari designed the Plumeria Chandelier, he was inspired by a perfume bottle by Lalique. The oversized orb chandelier has three lights and a hand-applied finish in gesso white. The pattern on the white chandelier is made of laser-cut steel that is formed in a large wooden mold to achieve the shape and depth, which involves significant engineering skills to pull off the symmetry and balance. We also offer the Plumeria as a drum chandelier.

Brightening Evenings in Fall and Winter

The Plumaria Chandelier is the centerpiece in this image of our new chandeliers in our Spring/Summer 2021 introductions.

The Plumaria Chandelier is the centerpiece in this image of our new chandeliers in our Spring/Summer 2021 introductions.

It’s difficult to believe we are less than five weeks away from our fall introductions and High Point Market. As we move deeper into September, these new chandeliers will be all the more important as the days grow shorter and nights grow longer. In case you missed them, here are a few other posts with summer products we introduced: a mix of categories, the Bagno Collection of wall sconces, Summery Table Lamps, Home Office offerings, and new introductions in gold.