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The Verona Black Large Desk in the High Point showroom, posted to Instagram by @curreycolatinamerica, paired with Barry Goralnick’s Artemis Leather Chair.

INSPIRATION | October 20, 2021 | By Saxon Henry

New Furniture This Fall

Among our new introductions this fall is an array of furniture that will make being at home livelier and more comfortable. Our first bar cabinet is in the former category and the two large desks we’re introducing are in the latter. We saw the need for these highly-stylized desks that are fitting for home offices because most tend to be petite, which means less space for spreading projects out across their tops. Expanding our accent table offerings is also in the mix, and we’ve introduced a new piece in the Evie family that is as perfect for placing a large sculpture atop it as it is apropos as an accent table.

New Furniture Debuts

The Sergio Bar Cart is among our new furniture offerings.

The Sergio Bar Cart is among our new furniture offerings.

If you attended High Point Market, you were able to see these newest offerings in person; if you didn’t make it by our showroom, we present our new furniture here so you have a feel for what our design team has been creating during the past six months.

The interior of our Sergio Bar Cabinet is filled with clever storage solutions for happy hour.

The interior of our Sergio Bar Cabinet is filled with clever storage solutions for happy hour.

Celebrating the art of marquetry, the Sergio Bar Cabinet is a mix-master when it comes to woodgrains. The species include oak, ash, elm burl, and mahogany. The diamond pattern on the doors was inspired by a floor our Director of Furniture Aimee Kurzner noticed in Las Vegas. She says, “Many patterns are not new but I try to find a way to interpret and/or present them in a different way either by material, application, color, scale, or repetition.” The design of this bar cabinet, which received a tremendous amount of forethought, brings it a high level of versatility that includes reversible shelves that flip to a flat surface on one side for storing liquor, glasses, and other accoutrements; and a shelf that cradles wine on the other. Thin linear brass lips on the tops of the doors, which serve as handles, match the ferrules. A glass top for this piece is sold separately. We also offer the Sergio as a chest.

The Kallista Large Desk is among our new furniture offerings this fall.

The Kallista Large Desk is a grander version of the smaller writing desk to provide more surface area with equal panache. The mix of dark sapphire and glossy caviar black finishes enlivens the sycamore veneers, and the woodgrain brings the desk a hint of distressing. The sleek lines of the piece seem even more tailored thanks to the antique brass detailing. The shape of the drawer pulls echoes this accent. Design details include brass ferrules and soft-close drawers. We have a number of pieces in the Kallista family of products.

The Currey & Company Verona Black Large Desk.

The Verona Black Large Desk is made of mahogany that has been covered in a black lacquered linen. It has a touch of gold on the champagne-finished metal detailing. This is one of our pieces that proves the brilliance of our design team, as the stretchers that clasp each leg are beautifully rendered to create a continuous design detail from leg to leg. Other features are adjustable glides and solid mahogany dovetail drawers. There are a number of pieces in several finishes in the Verona family of furnishings.

The Ivaan Accent Table is among our new furniture debuting this fall.

Made of cast aluminum, the Ivaan Accent Table is a remarkable example of the personality that comes with hand-forged furnishings. The pitting on the surface that creates drifts of texture beneath the luminous antique brass finish is evidence that the solid metal gold accent table was poured into and removed from a mold. The center disc wedged between two rounded forms is a sophisticated design element of note.

The Currey & Company Boyles Brass C Table.

The Boyles Brass C Table has a profile that is so handsome you may think twice about disturbing its good looks with accessories. The simple iron base in a black forged finish lifts an aluminum tray-like top in antique brass. This cantilevered side table is an expressive feature for any spot where a personality-packed table is needed. There are a number of products in an array of finishes in our Boyles offerings.

The Kadali Accent Table is one of our new furniture pieces this fall.

The Kadali Accent Table, made from cast aluminum in an antique brass finish, is a shape-shifter. Viewed from head-on, the motif that flows up from the base to bring its profile an artful fluidity looks like thick links in a slack chain. View it from the side, and it is a slimmer version of itself that looks mysteriously abstracted. Exhibiting the qualities of fine castings, the top has a beautiful textural quality to it.

The Currey & Company Evie Table/Pedestal.

The Evie Pedestal/Table has a sophisticated appeal that goes hand-in-hand with the textural beauty of shagreen. It is made of mahogany in a dark walnut finish that is topped with wood-framed panels on the sides and top covered in ivory faux shagreen. The pedestal sits atop a plinth. We have a number of offerings in this material designed by Aimee, who was inspired by vintage shagreen furniture from the 1920s when she envisioned the pieces.

Details Matter

The drawers of the Kallista are lined with a vibrant blue fabric.

Since beginning our furniture program, Aimee has been making quality moves. Her designs are exquisitely thought-out and have luxe attributes, such as soft-close doors and drawers, and beautiful finishes and materials on the interiors of each piece, as you can see from this image of one of the drawers on the Kallista Large Desk. We hope you’ll stop by our website and have a look at all things new in furniture.