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Sasha Bikoff in Miami.

INSPIRATION | May 5, 2021 | By Saxon Henry

Sasha Bikoff on Design and Life

If you are planning to attend First Tuesday in High Point next week, we thought we’d catch you up on what’s going on in the exciting life of Sasha Bikoff, the designer of one of our most colorful collections, whose vignette in High Point shines bright. Given Sasha is known for her jet-set lifestyle, we thought it would be interesting to see how her life has unfolded during the last fourteen months when we’ve all had limited access to travel. And while we were at it, we asked her some questions we knew would illuminate other aspects of her life (and there’s a bit of news in the mix so be sure to read on)!

Designs and Reflections by Sasha Bikoff

The Sasha Bikoff Collection in High Point

Sasha’s products in a vignette she designed in our High Point showroom. Image by Beth Tilley Green.

Interspersed with details as to how this tastemaker has been doing are products in the Sasha Bikoff Collection, which can be seen in the Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, and High Point showrooms—the vignette she designed in the High Point showroom shown above. The families of products she designed include Lapidus, Miami Beach, and Hibiscus with its pretty floral profiles.

Sasha Bikoff traveling in style.

Sasha Bikoff, traveling in style.

C&C: Being an avid traveler, how have you kept yourself busy during the pandemic?

SB: The pandemic made this time one of design reflection and gave me a way to get inspired through nature. Right when the pandemic hit, I moved to my dad’s house for a while. He lives in Dover, Massachusetts, on the Charles River. It was very steeped in nature and had a different lifestyle, very New England. I thought I was Edith Wharton and caught myself talking with an English accent! When many people are stuck at home, they stop doing things: I have never been the type of person who gets bored when forced to stay home. I try to be another person in my own play or an actor in my own Broadway musical!

The Hibiscus Accent Table by Sasha Bikoff.

The Hibiscus Accent Table by Sasha Bikoff.

After being at Dad’s for a while, I was in the Hamptons surfing, fishing, paddle-boarding, gardening, hiking; taking in all the natural aspects of the area. Then I came to South Beach last November and have been here since. I’m so inspired by the colors and the lifestyle, and the more tropical scenes around me. No matter where I was, I found inspiration everywhere. When I see a tree, don’t see a tree; I see a floor lamp. And a flower turns into a side table for me. I guess I’m a very observant person in general.

Top detail of the Hibiscus Accent Table.

Top detail of the Hibiscus Accent Table.

C&C: When you could travel, what was your favorite place to go?

SB: Paris. I lived there for two years. For me, everything that inspires me is there: fashion, architecture, Marie Antoinette, Madame de Pompadour, the chateaux, the food—any time the French do anything, I think they do it better than anyone else. I miss Paris; I feel like myself when I’m there. I love to wander and get lost. Of course I love the luxury, but I also love the everyday side of life, like the Marché aux Puces flea market. Paris is my happy place.

C&C: Is this where you’ll go as soon as travel bans are lifted?

SB: Yes: I will head straight to Paris and will definitely splurge on my accommodations and shopping. Because of the pandemic, I haven’t treated myself to a vacation or a fun buying trip in so long and I miss it. I’ve still been shopping online for things from Paris but it’s just not the same.

Sasha Bikoff in one of many pairs of sexy shoes she has collected.

Sasha Bikoff in one of many pairs of sexy shoes she has collected.

C&C: You have a super cool collection of shoes: have they missed you during lockdown or are you managing to wear them enough that they don’t feel neglected?

SB: When I moved to Miami in November, part of the reason is because I could wear my shoes. Shoes for me are sculptures and I feel the same way about small decorative things in an interior as I do about shoes, jewelry and handbags. I’m 5’3” so I feel better about myself when I’m in heels, and I wear them so often my friends joke that I’m fancy. Being in Miami in the different vibe, I’m able to wear my heels and live my best life. When I was in Dover and the Hamptons, I was wearing my sneakers and my crocs, and I looked at myself and said, “I’ve gotta get out of these crocs; it’s gotten way too dark. I need my 4” heels to feel like myself again!”

The Miami Chandelier by Sasha Bikoff.

The Miami Chandelier by Sasha Bikoff.

C&C: Do you work in silence or with background noise?

SB: My mom was a pianist and a ballerina so I grew up with classical music playing 24/7. I tend to listen to Chopin or Mozart during the day, but when afterhours come, it’s party-music time. When I’m in overdrive working at night, I like to put on Rihanna and Beyoncé, which I think help my design schemes for clients because I like to create spaces that are fun and happy, spaces where they will be entertaining, and that music brings the spaces to life in my mind.

A closeup of Sasha Bikoff’s Hibiscus Chandelier in our High Point showroom. Image by Beth Tilley Green.

A closeup of Sasha Bikoff’s Hibiscus Chandelier in our High Point showroom. Image by Beth Tilley Green.

C&C: What would be the soundtrack of your life?

SB: Mariah Carey’s Honey.

C&C: Go-to cocktail order?

SB: Grey Goose martini, straight up with olives.

The Lapidus Two-Tier Chandelier by Sasha Bikoff.

The Lapidus Two-Tier Chandelier by Sasha Bikoff.

C&C: Something we’ll never catch you without?

SB: You’ll never catch me without my planner. Everyone jokes around with me that I have a physical planner. I’m such a pen and paper girl! Even though I’m 33, I’m not technological savvy: my planner has my whole life in it.

C&C: Guilty pleasure?

SB: Dominos thin-crust pizza. It is the trashiest thing in the world but I love it; oh, and with a side of ranch!

Sasha’s Miami Beach Pendant.

The Miami Beach Pendant by Sasha Bikoff.

C&C: Style icons?

SB: Brigitte Bardot and Rihanna.

C&C: You’ll never get sick of?

SB: Miami.

Sasha’s Hibiscus Chandelier.

The Hibiscus Chandelier bu Sasha Bikoff.

C&C: Your current state of mind?

SB: I’m ready for summer but I’m ready to have a productive summer. I feel like things are opening up so I’m ready to get back to summer mode and work mode.

C&C: Where you’d most like to live?

SB: South of France.

Sasha’s Lapidus Pendant in her Hamptons home.

Sasha’s Lapidus Pendant in her Hamptons home.

C&C: Last thing you binge-watched?

SB: The Netflix show The Serpent.

C&C: Your greatest extravagance?

SB: My wedding dress that I just designed with Versace.

C&C: Congratulations! When are you getting married?

SB: On August 1st.

The Lapidus Table Lamp by Sasha Bikoff. Image by Beth Tilley Green.

The Lapidus Table Lamp by Sasha Bikoff. Image by Beth Tilley Green.

C&C: Most overused word or phrase?

SB: J’adore.

C&C: Vintage or new?

SB: Vintage for sure.

Sasha’s Hibiscus Mirror.Sasha’s Hibiscus Mirror.

C&C: What is the juiciest piece of gossip you’ve heard lately?

SB: J-Lo and A-Rod caught having a post-break-up dinner.

We’d like to thank Sasha for giving us the scoop on her life during the past several months. If you haven’t seen all of her products, you can visit her collection page on our website where we’ve put it all in one place under the button Shop the Collection.

First Tuesday Bound?

Another vignette in High point

Another angle of the Sasha Bikoff vignette in High Point.

If you are planning to visit us in High Point, be sure to contact your rep to make an appointment and to reserve a boxed lunch. This is important because we want to ensure that all safety measures and government guidelines will be met. You’ll see the Sasha Bikoff Collection there in this vibrant vignette.