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Aviva Stanoff is quite comfortable on the beach

INSPIRATION | May 19, 2021 | By Saxon Henry

New Lighting by Aviva Stanoff

Among our new spring introductions are lighting designs by our resident sea creature Aviva Stanoff, adding to her already luminous collection. “When I had my DNA test done, it turned out I am 12% mermaid!” she explains. “As a native Californian, the sea has always been by my side and has kept my secrets.”

Beauty Shot of new Aviva Stanoff products released by Currey & Company

We’re revealing a few of these secrets with these new releases—her love of sea fans, her queen bee status with her surroundings, her enchantment with the aroma of eucalyptus, and how she sees the huckleberry through Arthurian Lore.

New Aviva Stanoff Releases

The Currey & Company Sea Fan Bowl Chandelier.

Sprays of wrought iron in a gold gilt finish flutter up to form the shade of the Sea Fan Bowl Chandelier in the Aviva Stanoff Collection. She says of the inspiration for the design of this family of chandeliers: I have a deep reverence for nature and particularly the ocean, and sea fans that live underwater remind us that we live among tides, that life is cyclical, and that there is beauty in believing in magic.”

Sea Fan Chandelier, designed by Aviva Stanoff for Currey & Company

While the bowl chandelier has edges that finger out in filigree, the arm chandelier has sprays of wrought iron in a gold gilt finish that flutter up around the lights.

The Currey & Company Golden Eucalyptus Rectangular

The Golden Eucalyptus Rectangular Chandelier in the Aviva Stanoff Collection is a nature-inspired gold chandelier made from metal in a contemporary gold leaf finish. Stanoff says of this family of products, “Being a California native, eucalyptus has always surrounded me. The scent is smooth, minty and elegant, always evoking a sense of home and shelter.”

The Golden Eucalyptus Wall Sconce by Currey & Company

She goes on to say, “With the products in this eucalyptus family, which includes the gold chandelier and a wall sconce, we pulled branches from mother nature’s gardens for inspiration.”

Aviva Stanoff designed the Huckleberry Chandelier for Currey & Company

Aviva designed the Huckleberry Chandelier with its leaves welded on forged metal twigs, carefully handcrafted then finished in contemporary gold leaf. Her inspiration for the six-light chandelier and the wall sconce (below) reaches way back in time.

The Currey & Company Huckleberry Wall Sconce

She explains: “Traced back to Arthurian Lore, it is said huckleberry garlands were given to knights of the kingdom for coming to the service of a damsel. They would approach the ladies, lower their lances, and give the small branches as symbols of gratitude; much like medals. I love that: the romance of ancient lore is a beautiful thing to honor.”

The Currey & Company Queenbee Palm Chandelier

In the Aviva Stanoff Collection, the Queenbee Palm offerings, which include the chandelier (above) and the pendant (below), pay homage to the graceful movement of palm leaves blowing in the wind. The leaves, finished in contemporary gold leaf, arc gracefully toward the top of the fixture to form a tear drop-shaped shade.

The Queenbee Pendant, designed by Aviva Stanoff for Currey & Company

Aviva says the design was inspired by the places she associates with calm, with resetting and with recharging: beachy, ocean, tropical places. “When I see these gorgeous palms and their fronds rustling gently in the wind, it reminds me there is grace in resting, in going with the flow, and in letting the wind blow you around until you, most importantly, settle.” We also offer the Queenbee as a wall sconce.

Aviva’s New Offerings IRL

We’re just a little over two weeks away from High Point Spring Market. If you’re going to attend, you can see all of her new products and the popular products she designed that we’ve had in our line-up for a while there, as well as in other showrooms around the country. If you’ll be visiting us in HP, we request that you make an appointment to ensure we can provide you with lunch and ensure you’ll have a rep to assist you while you’re in our showroom, which is in IHFC – M110, Main. You’ll find the shuttle stop and other information here. If you’re not able to attend, you can see everything in the Aviva Stanoff Collection here. We enjoyed bringing you a bit of ocean breeze along with the post today and hope you were able to breathe deep!