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New introductions in the Jamie Beckwith Collection in a beauty shot

INSPIRATION | May 26, 2021 | By Saxon Henry

Dynamic Jamie Beckwith Introductions

Last week, we shared new products by Aviva Stanoff. Today, we’re happy to announce we have new additions to the Jamie Beckwith Collection. Be sure to ask your rep to show you these new introductions if you’ll be visiting us in High Point (and remember to make an appointment to ensure we can provide you with lunch and have a rep available to assist you while you’re in our showroom).

Bold Patterns by Jamie Beckwith

Jamie Beckwith, who created a new collection for Currey & Company.

Jamie Beckwith is a leader in the realm of luxury interiors and is known for her innovative offerings of prestige wood treatments for both floor and vertical surfaces. Since establishing Beckwith Interiors in 2006, her work for commercial and residential clients has achieved a national presence. Her materials are manufactured within the company’s own production facility in Nashville, Tennessee. Through her signature hardwood tiles, Jamie seeks to celebrate “the individual interpretation of the natural beauty of each piece through expert handmade craftsmanship.”

The Jamie Beckwith Collection displayed in a beauty shot.

Her collection for Currey & Company embodies her mission to change the concept of how wood can be used in design, which was first illustrated in our product lineup with her chandeliers and wall sconces that debuted in Fall 2017. We’ve expanded her collection beyond lighting with the new introductions, which include furniture, decorative boxes, decorative trays, and a mirror. “Both the Arrow and Swoop patterns were originally created for JBC floor and wall applications to provide bold patterns for all vertical and horizontal surfaces,” Jamie notes. “They are some of my best sellers and strongest visual patterns.”

The Currey & Company Arrow Credenza.

Jamie says of the Arrow design, which includes the Arrow Credenza, “This is a unique take on a chevron pattern. I was inspired by original French chevron parquets and this pattern is an updated version of that. There is a classic feel to this graphic shape with a modern take. It provides a strong underlying structure that bonds all the elements of a room together.” The Arrow products are made of oak, the patterns formed by natural and caviar black pieces of wood.

The Currey & Company Arrow Cocktail Table.

The Arrow Cocktail Table in the Jamie Beckwith Collection illustrates how simple geometric shapes can be lifted from a flat surface, like a floor or a wall, and work beautifully on a three-dimensional object.

The Arrow Accent Table by Currey & Company was designed by Jamie Beckwith.

Like the Arrow Cocktail Table, the Arrow Accent Table illustrates how geometric shapes become dynamic when manipulated into three dimensions. The mixture of warm wood tones and deep black also enhance the modern feel of these tables.

The Currey & Company Swoop Cabinet.

The Swoop Cabinet is based on a bold graphic shape that comes alive with the contrast of oak in its pale natural state and in a caviar black finish. Originally created in patterns for vertical and horizontal surfaces, Beckwith says of the Swoop, “I was inspired by mid-century design, specifically Italian designer Gio Ponti, when creating the Swoop pattern. I especially like the idea of curves with straight lines, which are both found in Swoop. There is a feminine but masculine feeling to these designs which work well in many environments, and that is due specifically to the shape.”

The Swoop Tray Set by Currey & Company.

The Swoop Tray Set is made of contrasting pieces of bone and composite in ivory and black along the surface of each tray. Seeing the furniture with larger surfaces and the accessories with more intricate patterns illustrates how graphic shapes can transcend size and scale.

The Currey & Company Swoop Box Set.

Like the Swoop Tray Set, the Swoop Box Set is made of contrasting pieces of bone and composite in ivory and black along the surface of each box. Notice the precision with which the decorative boxes were made, the top sitting perfectly on the raised lip of the interior.

The Currey & Company Swoop Mirror.

The black metal detail and frame on the Swoop Mirror in the Jamie Beckwith Collection further illustrate the shape-shifting capabilities of scale and size when it comes to using graphic forms as design elements. Here, one simple swoop pattern is enough to tie it to the rest of the products in this collection with its repeating forms.

The Arrow Tray Set by Currey & Company.

The Arrow Tray Set is made of contrasting pieces of bone and composite in ivory and black along the surface of the trays. The linear pattern on this design is particularly suited to this rectangular tray shape. The pair will add texture to a tabletop tableau.

Designed by Jamie Beckwith is the Currey & Company Arrow Box Set.

The Arrow Box Set in the Jamie Beckwith Collection is made of contrasting pieces of bone and composite in ivory and black along the surface of the boxes. Also serving as a nice juxtaposition to the furniture is the fact that the ivory bone is pale and crisp, whereas the oak in its natural state is warm.

Shop the Collection in High Point or Online

The Jamie Beckwith collection in a beauty shot.

We hope to see you in our High Point showroom, which is in IHFC – M110, Main, from June 5 through 9. You’ll find the shuttle stop and other information here. If you’re not able to attend, you can see everything in the Jamie Beckwith Collection on our website.