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The new Arden Ivory Vanity and mirror shown with the Genevieve Gold Ottoman, both pieces bestsellers during High Point Market.

INSPIRATION | June 23, 2021 | By Saxon Henry

High Point Market Bestsellers

Inquiring minds want to know and we definitely want to tell! Especially when it’s sharing our bestsellers during High Point Market just in time for you to see them if you’re attending Dallas Market, which kicks off today and runs through the 29th (request an appointment here).

High Point Market Bestsellers

Many of our new Spring releases made the list but some of our longest-trending products did as well, like our Oyster Shell Mirror, which has been on our product list for years. Rattan, rope, and shells were among the most popular materials during Spring Market, as were crisp white hues and fixtures dripping with selenite. These popular materials and finishes must mean we’re all truly ready to launch into summer with the first official day of the sunnier season taking place last Sunday. We've broken the most popular items down by category and this is only a handful—there were many!

Bestselling Chandeliers

The Currey & Company Cape Verde Orb Chandelier was released in Spring 2021

Clarence Mallari, who designed the Cape Verde Orb Chandelier, says, “With myriad books available at our Currey library, jewelry books are always a good resource for me. This round rattan chandelier was inspired by a glass bowl by Lalique. The orb chandelier took shape when I echoed the pattern etched along the glass with the natural material that was woven to create the shade. I feel this design has true harmony.” The hardware on the Cape Verde is in a mix of silver leaf and smoke wood finishes.

New and a bestseller during High Point Market was the Chesapeake Drum Chandelier by Currey & Company

Made of wrought iron in a smoke wood finish and natural abaca rope, the Chesapeake Chandelier is a drum chandelier with an open and airy feel thanks to the loose looping of the material between the top and bottom rings of the shade. The nautical chandelier illustrates the skill of our artisans, as the rope is hand-knotted and hand-tied to the frame, painstaking efforts that result in an artisanal light fixture.

The Currey & Company Huckleberry Chandelier.

Aviva Stanoff designed the Huckleberry Chandelier with its leaves welded on forged metal twigs, carefully handcrafted then finished in contemporary gold leaf. Stanoff says of her inspiration for the six-light chandelier, “Traced back to Arthurian Lore, it is said huckleberry garlands were given to knights of the kingdom for coming to the service of a damsel. They would approach the ladies, lower their lances, and give the small branches as symbols of gratitude; much like medals. I love that: the romance of ancient lore is a beautiful thing to honor.” We also offer the Huckleberry, in the Aviva Stanoff Collection, as a wall sconce. We featured Aviva’s new lighting in a blog post several weeks ago.

A bestseller during High Point Market was the Marshalia Chandelier by Currey & Company

The Marshallia Small Chandelier, made of wrought iron in a rustic gold finish, has slender arms dripping with faux rock crystal pendants. A design detail of note is how the candle-sleeves for the five bulbs are unusually slender, which enhances the delicacy of this traditionally beautiful gold chandelier. We also offer the Marshallia in a large chandelier with six lights. Both were designed by Tom Caldwell. This chandelier was one of several formal designs that were bestsellers at High Point Market.

Bestselling Furniture

The Currey & Company Aster Desk.

Made of mahogany and oak in a mix of off white and Fog finishes, the Aster Desk (shown above) and nightstand were inspired by an antique from the Winterthur Museum. The gray and white nightstand has two drawers on which the brass pulls are warm accents in a brass finish; and the desk has three drawers. These Aster pieces are in our Winterthur Collection.

A bestseller during High Point Market was the Arrow Credenza by Currey & Company.

The Arrow Credenza, designed by Jamie Beckwith, is based on a strong graphic shape that comes alive with contrasting colors—here oak in its pale natural state and finished in caviar black are juxtaposed. Originally created in bold patterns for vertical and horizontal surfaces, Beckwith says of the Arrow, “This is a unique take on a chevron pattern. I was inspired by original French chevron parquets and this pattern is an updated version of that. There is a classic feel to this graphic shape with a modern take. It provides a strong underlying structure that bonds all the elements of a room together.” There are a number of offerings in this family of products in the Jamie Beckwith Collection. See more of them in this post we published on Jamie’s new furnishings.

The Currey & Company Arden Ivory Vanity and Chest, new in Spring 2021.

The Arden Ivory Vanity and Chest were inspired by a 1970s reverse-painted glass antique our director of furniture Aimee Kurzner found at the Paris flea market. The pieces feature ivory reverse-painted glass panels with solid brass trim, hardware, and legs. The ivory and gold vanity and chest have beveled tops, and drawers with soft-close glides. A beautiful matching vanity mirror is sold separately.

A bestseller during High Point Market was the Kaipo Two-Drawer Chest by Currey & Company.

Rope-wrapped products were on the most-popular list in the furniture category, as well, including the Olisa and Kaipo nightstands, and the Kaipo Two-Drawer Chest (shown). With its exterior and drawer-fronts covered painstakingly in Abacá rope, the chest has heftier rope drawer-pulls to give this piece a nautical feel. The rope chest is one of our artisanal pieces that requires great skill to create, as the sisal is painstakingly hand-applied to each piece. People gravitate towards these pieces in our showrooms, including during High Point Market.

Bestselling Wall Sconces

The Currey & Company Wallis Wall Sconce.

Rope and white also figured in the Wall Sconce category during High Point Market. The Wallis Wall Sconce is wrapped in rope in a variety of thicknesses to make the natural material covering the fixture feel elegantly sophisticated. The rope sconce, which is in our Bunny Williams Collection, proves how masterful the designer is at using elemental materials in surprising ways.

A bestseller during High Point Market was the Martine Wall Sconce by Currey & Company.

The Martine Wall Sconce is ornamented with a graceful leaf that undulates away from the wall. Made of composite in a gesso white finish, the leaf is fastened to a wall plate in a contemporary gold leaf finish that enhances the glow of the illumination. We also offer the Martine as a chandelier.

The Currey & Company Peace Lily Wall Sconce.

Made of wrought iron in a gesso white finish on the exterior and silver leaf on the interior of its shade, the Peace Lily Wall Sconce is one of our designs that proves how a brute material can be made to appear delicate. The white wall sconce with its floral motif is a versatile design about which its creator Tom Caldwell said, “I chose a gesso finish with silver leaf accents to fit it into the genre of 1920s Paris styling I had in mind.” We also offer the Peace Lily as a chandelier.

Bestselling Accent Tables

A bestseller and new during High Point Market was the Tomas Large Antique Brass Table by Currey & Company.

All of the accent tables featured here were new for High Point Market, including the Tomas Large Antique Brass Table shown above. Fashioned from a tried-and-true shape, the Tomas (that comes in large and small tables) is made of cast aluminum in an antique brass finish. The gold accent tables will likely be the most versatile tables in a space. The Tomas in a smaller size also works well as a plantstand, and we offer the design in small and large sizes in a black nickel finish.

The Currey & Company Harte Nesting Tables new in Spring 2021.

If the idea of nesting tables brings heavy wood furniture to mind, you’re in for a surprise with the Harte Nesting Table Set. The design of this pair of silver occasional tables is light and airy thanks to the thinness of the lines and the luminous nickel finish. Made of iron, the tables have thin raised accents along the frames, which are inset with white marble tops to complete the crisp composition.

A bestseller and new during High Point Market was the Nicosia Accent Table by Currey & Company.

The Nicosia Accent Table was born of nautical inspirations but has a sophisticated flair that makes it an elegant occasional table for any number of styles. The rope-wrapped telescoping table has black accents where the profile swells and along the rim of the tabletop. The glass top is included with the Nicosia.

Helios Drinks Table by Currey & Company.

With a hint of industrial style, the Helios Drinks Table is made of iron in an antique black finish that brings the base, stem, and rim on the tabletop added patina. The design details are geometric—the fluted bulge on the stem and trumpet shape where it meets the base. The spikes on the top surround are reminiscent of medieval armory. We’ve topped the metal drinks table with a disc of white marble for a nice contrast, the black/white interplay a staple in modern farmhouse style.

Bestselling Table Lamps

New during High Point Market was the Charny Table Lamp by Currey & Company.

White shows up in the table lamps category in our bestsellers from High Point Market, as well. The playful profile of the Charny Table Lamp makes this a charming addition to a room. The white table lamp is made of composite with a white gesso finish. The leaf-like shapes that extend from the stem of the Charny make this a terrific luminary for a space inspired by nature. We’ve topped the lamp with a textural shade.

The Currey & Company Mister M White Table Lamp.

Tom Caldwell calls the Mister M White Table Lamp a modern version of a traditionally shaped urn. “We’ve cleaned up the lines and eliminated much of the detail which would have been prominent on the traditional piece,” he explains. “The white lacquer finish is accentuated with a blue lacquered parchment shade. The combination of clean lines, contrasting colors, and great scale makes the piece a real statement item.” There are a number of accessories and lamps in this family of products, all inspired by Piet Mondrian’s color palette.

A bestseller during High Point Market was the Higel Table Lamp by Currey & Company.

The Higel Table Lamp with its two-toned stripes covering its rotund body is among the rope-wrapped offerings that sold well at High Point Market. What makes the lamp special is that the tan stripes are fashioned from Abacá rope and the black stripes are made from black composite. The black and tan table lamp is topped with a black silk shade, which is held in place by a rope-wrapped finial.

Bestselling Upholstery

The Currey & Company Olisa Pearl Bench.

Rope once again took the lead in the upholstery category with the Olisa Pearl Ottoman and Bench (shown above) among the most popular items. With the earthy feel of rattan and wicker but with a much heavier dose of personality, the Olisa pieces are wrap stars! They are made of wrought iron covered in braided abaca rope and upholstered in F0221 Rowann Pearl fabric. These pieces are also available in muslin.

A bestseller during High Point Market was the Visby Smoke Black Ottoman by Currey & Company.

The Visby family of benches and ottomans rocked this Spring. These pieces included the Visby Smoke Black Ottoman, which is made of solid oak in a cerused black finish with a linear brass accent in a brushed brass finish. The mid-century lines are enhanced by the rough ceruse treatment on the wood. The seat cushion of the black ottoman is shown here upholstered in a F0224 Arita Smoke fabric. It is reversible so that the Visby can be used either as a seat or a table. We offer the Visby as an ottoman in other finishes and fabric choices, and as benches. They are all available in muslin.

The Currey & Company Perrin Natural Bench.

Other popular benches and ottomans were the Agora, one of our tried-and-true offerings, and the Perrin. These included the Natural Bench (shown above) and Ottoman. The Perrin Natural Bench is our director of furniture Aimee Kurzner’s take on mid-century modern but with a slight transitional twist. Made of oak in an ebonized taupe finish, the dark brown bench is ornamented with iron stretchers in a silver Granello finish. It is upholstered in a F0214 Finn Natural fabric. We also offer the Perrin pieces in muslin.

Bestselling Accessories

New during High Point Market was the Midnight Blue Tray Set by Currey & Company.

In our accessories category, the first three of these were new to High Point Market. The Midnight Blue Tray Set is a pair of handmade oblong decorative trays created by a glass artist using a very sophisticated mix of white glass and dark blue glass. By swirling the two, the artisan created an effect of billowing storm clouds on these turquoise trays. Use them as elegant desk trays or, if friends are showing up, to hold canapes or finger sandwiches.

Jalousie Tea Canister Set by Currey & Company.

The Jalousie Tea Canister Set is a pair of hand-painted stoneware canisters in a mix of pale ivory and blue reactive colors in a wave pattern. There is a delicate crackle running along the surfaces of both of the round decorative accessories. A sophisticated touch is added with the brass rings that are affixed to the stoneware vessels. We offer this design in several patterns and in a number of solid colors.

New during High Point Market was the Swoop Box Set by Currey & Company.

The Swoop Box Set, designed by Jamie Beckwith, is based on a strong graphic shape that comes alive with the contrasting of pieces of bone and composite in ivory and black along the surface. Originally created in bold patterns for vertical and horizontal surfaces, Beckwith says of the Swoop, “I was inspired by mid-century design, specifically Italian designer Gio Ponti, when creating the Swoop pattern. I especially like the idea of curves with straight lines found in Swoop. There is a feminine but masculine feeling to these designs which work well in many environments, and that is due specifically to the shape.” We have a number of offerings in the Swoop family of products in our Jamie Beckwith Collection.

The Currey & Company Tisbury Large Mirror.

Among our tried-and-true offerings that sold well is the Tisbury Large Mirror with its porthole shape. This nautical decorative mirror is surrounded by rows of rope made of abaca fibers. The design details make the rope mirror ideal for rooms that bring the beach indoors. We also offer the Tisbury in a smaller size.

Bestselling Floor Lamps

The Mister M Red and Yellow Disc Floor Lamp by Currey & Company was new and a bestseller at High Point Market.

The Mister M collection of products, which includes the Mister M Red & Blue Disc Floor Lamp, pays homage to the fabulous color combinations used by the painter Piet Mondrian, the Mister M after whom this family of accessories and lamps is named. Made of wrought iron and concrete in powerful hues of blue, yellow, red, and black, the multi-colored floor lamp joins the other products in this collection in making a strong statement of modernity and primary colors. We also have a disc table lamp.

The Currey & Company Germaine White Floor Lamp.

All three of our Germaine floor lamps were on the bestsellers list during High Point Market, the black and white (shown above) versions new this spring and the antique brass version a long-standing popular fixture. With a slim profile made more powerful by the subtle geometric references, the Germaine White Floor Lamp is made of aluminum in a crisp white finish. This is the perfect lamp for those spots where light is necessary but the design needs to be unobtrusive. We also offer the Germaine as table lamps in black, antique brass, and white.

Newest and Ever-Popular at High Point Market

The Aster Desk by Currey & Company, a bestseller at High Point Market, shown with the Ines Mist Ivory Chair.

The Aster Desk by Currey & Company, a bestseller at High Point Market, shown with the Ines Mist Ivory Chair.

We hope you enjoyed this look at our bestsellers and the trends they reference for the summer months to come. It’s always so fascinating to us to see what products sell well. Then we have to wait to see them show up in finished projects, sometimes for months! Happy summer, everyone!