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The Mimosa Rectangular Table Lamp is front-and-center in this vignette.

INSPIRATION | July 28, 2021 | By Saxon Henry

Summery Table Lamps

Among our newest introductions are an array of summery table lamps. From a swirling glaze that looks like a subtle peacock feather to wood circlets fastened to a frame so that the sawn limbs’ growth rings introduce textural interest to a space. We have crackle finishes in ivory, aluminum in a gold finish that shimmers like glass, a chic black and white pattern, and several new introductions in concrete.

Summery Table Lamps

Here are a few of the latest and greatest lamps that have warm-weather vibes:

The Teddie Table Lamp is among the Currey & Company summery table lamps.

Shimmering with its multicolored art-glass body, the Teddie Table Lamp perches atop a metal base in an antique brass finish. The swirls along the black table lamp’s body are so finely produced, it’s as if a visual as intricate as a peacock feather has been rendered in the glowing colors painted there by a talented artisan.

The Currey & Company Daphne Table Lamp is made of metal in an ivory finish.

The Daphne Table Lamp looks as if it is made of one material in three distinctive finishes but the base is made of wood while the other elements on the ivory table lamp are made of wrought iron and brass in antique brass and gold finishes. The shape of the oval shade with its painted trim is a design detail worth noting.

The London Ivory Table Lamp by Currey & Company is a metal table lamp with an ivory finish.

Joining the accessories in the London family of products, the London Ivory Table Lamp is made of wrought iron in an ivory finish with gold accents to make it one of our summery table lamps. This design pays homage to the canisters used by the Indian companies to export tea leaves to England since the 14th century. It is lacquered with a very refined crackled finish, as is the handsome black version of this table lamp.

The Whistledown Table Lamp is one of Currey & Company’s summery table lamps.

Tom Caldwell calls the Whistledown Table Lamp a traditional desk lamp. Narrow and luminous in aluminum with a brass finish, the striated surface of the gold table lamp brings its profile ample sophistication. The stacked base that echoes the shape of the rectangular shade is a design detail of note, as the narrowness of the shade allows it to be placed closer to a wall.

The Currey & Company Fabienne Table Lamp is made of porcelain with a black and white pattern on its surface.

The Fabienne Table Lamp has a fluted porcelain body that is sophisticated in its finish with its rows of black and white striations. The slim lines on the table lamp make this a perfect choice for a masculine or a feminine room. The antique brass finish on the hardware completes the stylish feel of this modern table lamp.

The Ramsgate Table Lamp by Currey & Company is made of concrete.

The textural surface of the Ramsgate Table Lamp is achieved by artisans who painstakingly apply concrete to a wrought-iron frame, the outdoor-worthy material making this one of our summery table lamps. The stippling that brings the gray table lamp its edge contradicts the clean lines of the geometrical body. A design detail of note is how the finish is a bit smoother at the bottom to create an implied base.

The Celestine Table Lamp, made of concrete, is one of Currey & Company’s summery table lamps.

Concrete takes on an entirely new personality when it is embedded with crushed seashells. This is evident with the Celestine Table Lamp that shimmers in spots when light strikes the tiny pieces of shell. The gray table lamp has a smart wishbone shape that widens as it meets the rectangular shade.

The Currey & Company Mimosa Tall Table Lamp is made of pieces of wood attached to a frame.

Pieces of knotty wood in the round make up the body of the Mimosa Tall Table Lamp. Adding texture to the already asymmetrical rendering the various sized wood pieces creates are the rings of life representing the number of years the natural material grew. When light strikes the wood from beneath the rectangular shade, immediate warmth flows from the tan table lamp. We offer the mimosa in rectangular and square versions.

Into the End of Summer!

The Fabienne Table Lamp shows off its textural appeal in this vignette.

The Fabienne Table Lamp shows off its textural appeal in this vignette.

With Sunday’s arrival of the month of August, we dip our toes into the warmest weather month. If you are of a mind to snap up any of the summery table lamps in our lineup, we are so pleased that it/they will illuminate your evenings with a warm glow!