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The Villette Black Table Lamp, second table lamp from right, is among our gift-worthy design items ready to ship.

INSPIRATION | December 8, 2021 | By Saxon Henry

Gift-Worthy Design

We know it’s down to the wire on snagging those last-minute gifts for décor lovers and we still have in-stock items that are ready to race out the door and land under your tree (or in the case of the larger pieces we’re featuring, beside it)! For the most up-to-date gift-worthy design items, visit our Instagram profile and click on our stories. We are updating the holiday count-down there daily.

Gift-Worthy Design Offerings

The Currey & Company Talli Accent Table/Stool.

The surface of the Talli Accent Table/Stool is covered in a natural horn mosaic pattern. This versatile piece can be used as a table or a stool, which will make it a textural accent and a small piece that will be used often.

The Rayures Large Vase is among our gift-worthy design items ready to ship.

Lines of black and frosted glass bring the Rayures Large Vase a stunning texture that was created with a marvelous glass technique. The mouth-blown glass vase is made from two layers, a clear glass underneath that is fully covered by a solid black glass. The pieces are then taped so that the black glass is protected where it is not to be removed when they are sandblasted to reveal the clear glass beneath. The amount of work and skill required to create these is rigorous. We have a number of shapes in the Rayures family of black vases.

The Currey & Company Bullion Table Lamp.

Brilliantly luminous, the Bullion Table Lamp is made of porcelain with a shimmering golden surface splashed with artful droplets. A black optic crystal base anchors the gold lamp that is topped with a black shantung shade with a gold foil lining.

The Baines Gold Drinks Table is among our gift-worthy design items ready to ship.

The surface of the Baines Gold Drinks Table has fissures that create lines of dark and light when the shiny gold finish ebbs and flows through its striations. The brighter gold patches are spots where the hand-applied finish builds up. We also offer the Baines in a silver finish.

The Currey & Company Forest Light Silver Chandelier.

The Forest Light Silver Chandelier is an exceptional work of art dripping with quartz crystals. The textured silver finish is a perfect complement to the quartz on this sculptural ten-light chandelier. We also offer the Forest Light, in our Aviva Stanoff Collection, in a sconce and in several chandelier finishes.

The Mandarin Small Vase is among our gift-worthy design items ready to ship.

The Mandarin Small Vase is made of mouth blown glass with a powerful punch of texture thanks to the Coral Sands finish on its surface. We also offer this pale orange vase in a larger size.

The Currey & Company Zoe Sand Chair.

Our Zoe Sand Chair, designed by Barry Goralnick, is a roomy club chair that is deep and comfortable. The chair evokes the spirit of Hollywood Regency while offering a current sophisticated design that complements any room today. Made of European Beech with a dark walnut finish, the Zoe is upholstered in an Appeal sand fabric and has a CNC cut motif around the frame in a repeating Greek Key pattern. We also offer the Zoe as a credenza and a cabinet.

The Lavatch Table Lamp is among our gift-worthy design items ready to ship.

The Lavatch Table Lamp has an Art Deco demeanor that makes it both chic and sophisticated. Made of metal in a polished nickel finish, the lines of the silver table lamp harken back to an age of great curving fenders and ornamented architecture. Enhancing its lovely sleekness is the tailored putty and ivory shantung shade with oyster trim, and the finial that matches its gleaming body.

The Currey & Company Utopia Accent Table.

The striking form of the taro plant, commonly known as elephant’s ears, was the inspiration for the Utopia Accent Table. Finished in a lustrous antique gold, the table is made of hand-cast aluminum. The veining leaves atop angling stems on this gold accent table bring nature indoors.

The Dubonnet Wall Sconce is among our gift-worthy design items ready to ship.

The Dubonnet Wall Sconce washes nearby surfaces with its warmly brilliant light thanks to the contemporary gold leaf finish on the interior of the fixture. Made of wrought iron, the bronze sconce has a bronze gold finish on the exterior for an interplay of dark and light.

The Currey & Company Vittorio Table Lamp.

The gleaming surface of the Vittorio Table Lamp owes its sheen to the luminous nickel finish on the silver table lamp’s shapely aluminum body. The profile harkens back to quintessential turned wood lamps of Americana style, but we’ve modernized it with the brightness of the metal and the tall round shade.

The Let Us Twist the Glass Tall Vase is among our gift-worthy design items ready to ship.

The Let Us Twist the Glass Tall Vase is a luminous beauty in black with splashes of blue. Made of ceramic with a jet-black glazing ornamented with patinated patches of pale blue, this black vase illustrates the skill of our artisans who blow and glaze our glass products. This is indeed among our gift-worthy design ideas. We also offer this vase in a round version.

The Currey & Company Viviers Chandelier.

The elongated quatrefoil shape of our Viviers Chandelier brings this medieval motif a modern touch. Also moving the symbol into contemporary times is the silver leaf finish on the wrought iron that makes up the frame of the silver chandelier.

The Brandy Platinum Chair is among our gift-worthy design items ready to ship.

With its sexy silhouette, the Brandy Platinum Chair is made of white oak in a gray salt finish. The F0234 Trip Platinum fabric has textural lines that bring this oak side chair extra sophistication. The fluted back as it tapers down to the seat is also an elegant touch on this white upholstered chair. The Brandy Chair is also available in muslin.

The Currey & Company Villette Black Table Lamp.

Extending daintily from a ball of black marble, the thin stem of the Villette Black Table Lamp is made of metal in a brass finish. At the very point where the black shantung shade culminates at its bottom-most point and just above the base are the subtlest of accents that bring this gold and black table lamp its sophistication and charm. Tom Caldwell designed the Villette.

The Briallen Black Demi-Lune is among our gift-worthy design items ready to ship.

The impressively sized brass flower pull on the Briallen Black Demi-Lune is a stunning ornamentation. Contrasting the Caviar black stain, the floral motif in an antique brass finish brings the black cabinet a sophisticated feel and illustrates the skill of our artisans who hand-cast the handle in brass. We offer the Briallen in a number of designs and in three finishes.

The Currey & Company Jacqui Ballet Slipper Chair.

Our Jacqui Ballet Slipper Chair is a feminine channel-back chair with solid Mahogany tapered legs in a caviar black finish capped by ferrules made of brass in a brushed brass finish. This beautiful pink chair is upholstered in Velluto ballet pink velvet that has a luxurious sheen to it to enhance the chair’s femininity. We also offer the Jacqui covered in muslin.

The Habib Table Lamp is among our gift-worthy design items ready to ship.

The Habib Table Lamp is a modern twist on the jug shape with a slender neck. Made of champagne speckled glass, the striking gold lamp has a subtle bohemian style. The acrylic base is in sync with the composition, as is the eggshell shantung shade.

The Currey & Company Bandoola Pendant.

With a shape that mimics a seed pod, the Bandoola Pendant is a rough luxe offering in our line-up. Made of iron in a zinc finish, the gray pendant has a distressed surface that enhances its edgy appeal. The interior of the shade is lighter to make the fixture’s illumination crisper.

The Kanor Cocktail Table is among our gift-worthy design items ready to ship.

Made of pieces of reclaimed wood, our Kanor Cocktail Table is a study in textural patina. One of our products built with sustainability in mind, the aged wood cocktail table with its whitewash finish is naturally distressed. We have a number of designs in our Kanor family, each of which has the character and variations of reclaimed wood.

The Holidays Are Here!

The Rayures Large Vase, one of three sizes we offer, is in stock and ready to ship.

The Rayures Large Vase, one of three sizes we offer, is in stock and ready to ship.

We’re just a little over a week until Santa makes his way to homes near and far so don’t delay if any of these gift-worthy design pieces should be on that sleigh! Other ready-to-ship products are featured in this earlier blog post.