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The shade of our new Piero Multi-Drop Pendants photographed by Beth Tilley Green in our High Point showroom.

INSPIRATION | December 22, 2021 | By Saxon Henry

A White Christmas by Design

Among our new offerings this fall are a number of white products that have us dreaming of a white Christmas! Though the ground won’t likely be blanketed in crystals for our holidays, as we are based in the South, we can still help you bring the crisp color (or lack thereof) into your interiors!

We’re Dreaming of a White Christmas

The Currey & Company Grand Lotus White Chandelier fits perfectly with a white Christmas theme.

We have a number of new Grand Lotus introductions in white, including a flush mount; and small, large, and oval chandeliers. With the contemporary gold leaf on the interior of the metal bands, the sugar white fixtures project warmth that will be appreciated as winter deepens. We’re showing the Grand Lotus White Chandelier here, which is the largest of the new chandeliers. We also offer these Grand Lotus designs in black, silver, and gold finishes.

The Currey & Company Balance Table Lamp.

The Balance Table Lamp has a classic shape that has been popular for ages. Made of glass in a very crisp hue, the white table lamp in a baluster shape has a white milk finish that reads like milk glass. A design detail of note is how the thin plinth that serves as a base in a polished nickel finish is so thin, it is barely there. An optic crystal final tops the gleaming composition.

The Culture Table Lamp fits perfectly with a white Christmas theme.

Telescoping up from a stacked base, the Culture White Table Lamp is made of wood that has been finely finished in a gloss white lacquer that gleams. The intermingling of geometric shapes in such a crisp color will make this a stylish addition to a space. Design details of note are the ball feet in a gold finish that match the lamp’s hardware.

The Currey & Company Piero Medium Chandelier.

The Piero chandeliers and multi-drop pendants may appear to be woven from a natural plant material, but they are made of iron in a white finish to make them some of our offerings that illustrate the skills our craftspeople bring to their work. When the white shades are illuminated, textural patterns will enliven surrounding surfaces. We offer the chandeliers in small, medium (shown here), and large sizes; and the multi-drops in 1-light, 3-light, 7-light, 15-light round, 15-light rectangular, 30-light, and 36-light configurations.

The Raya White Armadillo Set fits perfectly with a white Christmas theme.

Sure-footed and adorable, the Raya White Armadillo Set includes two white sculptures with playful profiles. The name of these cute creatures was inspired by a real-life predecessor in a zoo. Made of cast aluminum in a crisp white finish, the white sculptures will bring added texture and charm to a tabletop arrangement. We also offer the Raya Set in a shiny gold finish if a hint of bling is in order.

The Currey & Company Yin Large and Small Vases.

The Yin Large White Vase has a flowing profile that looks as ancient as a shroud but it is as modern as any decorative sculpture can be because it was 3-D printed from porcelain. Close inspection reveals the process added the tiniest ringed striations along its surface. We offer the Yin in a smaller vase (also shown). These are not meant for floral arrangements as they are not watertight.

The Darshi White Disc fits perfectly with a white Christmas theme.

The Darshi White Disc is a design that is rife with contradictions. Made of cast aluminum with a heavily pitted surface that is rougher than a rough-case treatment, the sculpture has been slathered in a gesso white finish to bring it a crisp feel. Due to the stippling on the white sculpture’s surface, it maintains a textural feel in spite of its opaque finish. Placing it atop a black marble base is the final gesture of contrast on this artful creation.

The Giacomo Floor Lamp fits perfectly with a white Christmas theme.

Like a Futurist work of art, the Giacomo Floor Lamp reads as much like a contemporary sculpture as it does a luminary. Made of cast aluminum in a gesso white finish, this white floor lamp is one of our products that comes out of artisanal foundries where aluminum is poured into molds and cooled. Once formed, the shapes are among the sturdiest profiles offered in home furnishings. Introduce the Giacomo to a mid-century modern interior and watch it sing!

The Currey & Company Gallo Floor Lamp.

The Gallo Floor Lamp is a clean and simple design with a casted texture that is further accented by the antique white finish, which highlights the character in the material. The white floor lamp, which will bring a chic vibe to a room, brings style without too heavy a profile.

The Joy of the Season to You and Yours!

The Currey & Company Briallen Demi-Lune in white.

The Currey & Company Briallen Demi-Lune in white.

We have so many other offerings that could help make your holidays bright, like the Briallen White Demi-Lune photographed by Beth Tilley Green in our High Point showroom. One easy way to find them is to type “white” in the search bar of our website. We’re wishing all of you the happiest of holiday seasons and a white Christmas, whether the ground outside your homes is covered in snow, sand, grass, or pebbles!