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The entry of the new Currey & Company Atlanta furniture showroom.

INSPIRATION | April 28, 2021 | By Saxon Henry

The New Atlanta Showroom Shines

When Celita Bullard and her team from CD & Associates, Inc., toured the raw space that would become the Currey & Company Atlanta Showroom with us, a repeated phrase captured her attention. “When we walked the space with the Currey team, we kept hearing the phrase ‘the jewel of the mart,’ which is what they wanted to create,” Celita explains. “As we began the design process, we kept that top of mind and refined the concept until it occurred to us that we were creating something along the lines of a Fabergé egg: delicate, detailed, sparkling, something unique that attracts the eye, a collectible but also experiential, recognizable and memorable.”

The new Currey & Company Atlanta showroom.

Her design team set to work creating surroundings that would have enough grandeur to honor the egg, an aesthetic that would also reference classical design. “Like the egg and the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, the space had to be timeless, impressionable, and unforgettable. The elliptical ceiling in the entry begins the enchantment when it draws you into the space.” Celita points out that the direction they took with the Atlanta showroom has the same rigorous aesthetics her team normally achieves for Currey & Company but it also represents a giant step forward to expand on our brand’s standard for design, quality, and variety.

One-of-a-kind offerings in the Atlanta showroom.

Shephalli Jain, the Atlanta showroom manager, says of her new digs, “With white walls and ceilings, not only is it modern, it is aesthetically pleasing to buyers. The visual team has created some stunning and has given us novel ways to display merchandise, like movable walls and floor-to-ceiling modern niches for displays, and these are unique to the Atlanta showroom.” The scale of the new showroom is one of the biggest changes in her work life, as she now has over 10,000-square-feet at her disposal: “The sheer size of the space is amplified by the 15-foot-high ceilings. Everything looks so much brighter, and when you sell lighting, bright is good! I also love having a working kitchen. It might not seem like much, but it is such a luxury to have it as its own separate area and not as a part of our office!”

Faux Bois front-and-center in the Currey & Company Atlanta lighting showroom.

Cecil Adams, our Vice President/Creative Director says of the expanded presence in Atlanta, “This new showroom in our hometown is a 100% game changer for Currey, our customers, and our employees. Over the years and for a variety of reasons, we have tended to put our other showrooms front and center more often and kept them up to date with greater frequency. Once we had the opportunity to showcase ourselves in a premier spot at AmericasMart, we decided to go for it. We have finally put all the bells and whistles in place to make for an exciting showcase for products and an improved customer experience. This showroom is now the most up-to-date in our organization.”

Many of Currey & Company’s most popular accessories.

Cecil adds that the design of the Atlanta showroom benefits from everything the design team has learned over the last five years of expansions and remodels. “The new gallery space we created – The Ellipse – that will be installed in May is the thing I am very excited about,” he adds. “We will be featuring one-of-a-kind products, will highlight featured artists, or create pop-up opportunities with folks in the business that we would like to showcase.” Celita and her team were vigilant in keeping the presentation of products and pop-up events at the heart of their vision: “We developed a new concept for the displays using mobile walls and counters so the only walls being actually built in the space are for the offices and work areas. The balance of the showroom is wide open, providing the ability to change the configuration of the spaces when desired or needed.”

The new Currey & Company Atlanta showroom.

Shephalli celebrates this flexibility: “We are going to be showcasing distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces by some very talented artists, which was something we were not able to accomplish in the old space. Overall, I believe the size of the showroom lets us display more product and the homogenous quality is important to maintain the brand identity.” Cecil adds that it’s also nice to have a place where employees who don’t travel to the other towns where Currey & Company has showrooms can see the products they help bring to market in such a wonderful setting. “It feels really good for them to experience all the energy that goes into our showrooms,” he explains. “I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it all came out. We have customers in our hometown discovering us for the very first time. After over 30 years in the game, that always feels exciting.”

Currey & Company Multi-drop chandeliers greet visitors.

The excitement was the plan all along Celita says: “We want each visit to be an experience, one that a person entering the Atlanta showroom will want to repeat over and over.” Given Shephalli is in the space every day and she feels the thrill upon entering each time she does, it seems the entire design team involved in the creation of this new Currey & Company home nailed it. “In the entrance, we have multi drop pendants that hang all the way from the ceiling to the floor,” Shephalli explains; “you feel like you are walking into something magical.”

Atlanta Showroom Details

You can find us in the AmericasMart Building 1, Lobby 3 at 240 Peachtree Street NW. The phone number is 404.523.8282 and the hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm. You don’t need an appointment to visit and you don’t need an entry pass for AmericasMart, as we are on the lobby level and passes are not required for the first floor. We hope to see you in our Atlanta showroom soon and we’d love to know how your experience of visiting felt to you!