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A number of the Currey & Company products in the Mesa Trend Story.

INSPIRATION | April 7, 2021 | By Saxon Henry

The Mesa Trend Lands in Las Vegas

In celebration of Las Vegas Market kicking off later this week—the dates are April 11 through 15 in case you want to put it on your calendar—we’re sharing our Mesa trend story today, as the style is a natural for our western states and you’ll find plenty of the Mesa offerings in our Vegas showroom, which is C398. If you are going to attend market, please touch base with your rep to schedule an appointment to help our showroom stay in compliance with CDC and IMC guidelines.

Mesa Trend in Review

The Currey & Company Mesa Trend Collage

About the Mesa trend, our Vice President/Creative Director Cecil Adams says, “Color and texture for this look take inspiration from the desert places on earth. Africa, Asia, and handcrafts of the Americas are celebrated in form, materials, and design. Hand-formed vessels are utilized as accessories and lighting. Rope, iron, recycled glass, and terracotta are primary materials. Design is more modern in aspect, referencing cultures of the past. There is a warmth here that appeals to those who prefer a less refined and more handcrafted look to interiors.” He points out that the Mesa trend complements both the Natural State and Black and White style stories. “For those who would like to add more texture or color to either of those trends,” he notes; “this is the place to find it.”

As the above collage states, “What draws us into the desert is the search for something intimate in the remote,” which is a wonderful quote by Edward Abbey, the American author and essayist noted for his environmental stances and criticisms of public land policies. Cecil breaks down the aspects of the Mesa trend in this way: it has a desert-inspired color palette with materials and finishes; more intense in color than the Natural State trend, though related; material references to iron, stone, and terracotta; rougher finishes and hand-thrown shapes; and African and tribal motifs in black and natural.

Desert-Leaning Style

Many of our products that land in the Mesa trend category are lamps and accessories, a selection of them taking center stage below.

The Currey & Company Sunset Vases

Our Sunset family of products include large, medium and small vases, and a table lamp. This is an interesting design in porcelain, as the body is hand-thrown and the artist who created it played with different glazes that were applied as powder to create this one-of-a-kind studio vase. The texture on the white and coral vase builds as the layers pile up on its surface. We also offer the Sunset in a medium and large size.

The Brigade Table Lamp by Currey & Company fits well in the Mesa trend

Our modern take on the beaker-shaped vase, the body of the Brigade Table Lamp is made of speckled terracotta with an interplay of lines and dots. The wrought iron hardware in a satin black finish holds the natural linen drum shade to this clay-colored lamp.

The Currey & Company Nandi Cow Set

The Nandi Cow Set includes two vintage-inspired sculptures that represent bulls (Nandi in Hindu) sacred to Hinduist religion. Original artifacts were carved by villagers as donations to the Temples of Shiva. We have mounted our versions of the wooden decorative sculptures on black stands.

In the Mesa trend category is the Currey & Company Crossroads Table Lamp

The rough terracotta body of our Crossroads Table Lamp has striations carved into the surface that make it appear as if it has been composed of rows of clay stacked by a potter’s hand. The natural linen drum shade atop the rust lamp plays to the textural appeal we have achieved with this composition.

The Currey & Company Madras Anchors in the company’s accessories line

Our Madras Anchors come in small and large; the rough luxe decorative sculptures are made of stone and iron sourced from southern India where they are still in use on rivers. The primitive black sculptures bring wonderful patina to a space.

The Ramal Table Lamp is a Currey & Company offering in the Mesa trend

The Ramal Table Lamp may look as if it is made of terracotta, but it is composed of porcelain. The desert-inspired motifs in earth and brown tones on its surface were realized in matte colors. These and the shape of the tan lamp give it a mid-century modern vibe. We have topped it with a buxom off-white linen shade.

The Currey & Company Arcadia Vase Set

Our Acadia Vase Set includes two distressed vases that are hand-thrown and hand-colored in sand, teal, and red hues. The rudimentary feel of these designs make these decorative vases read as antiques that were handmade in a bygone era.

The Gallus Table Lamp is a Currey & Company lamp in the mesa trend story

The classic ginger jar shape of the Gallus Table Lamp has playful white circles hand-painted on its green terracotta surface. These glow when the green lamp is switched on while the darker surface deepens. We’ve topped the Gallus with a light beige linen drum shade.

The Currey & Company Gujara Pot Set

The Gujarat Pot Set includes four folk-art vessels. The distressed wood pots are old and were originally used to measure seeds and rice being sold in rural areas of northwest India. No two assortments of these wood decorative vessels will be alike.

The Currey & Company Himba Table Lamp has an ethnic motif, so it fits in the Mesa trend.

The Himba Table Lamp is ethnically inspired. The black lamp is made of terracotta with a glossy black glaze onto which a triangular pattern in sand has been sketched. The Himba is topped with an off-white shantung shade.

The Riku Vases by Currey & Company

The Riku Large Vase is made of terracotta in an intermingling of black and natural glazes. The black and tan vase has organic circular shapes that wiggle around its surface.

Currey & Company’s Russett Table Lamp is Mesa trend perfection.

The Russett Table Lamp is made of terracotta onto which an abstract pattern has been applied in black, gray, blue, and brick red. The dark gray lamp is topped with an off-white linen shade.

Vegas Bound

Join us in Las Vegas to see our one-of-a-kind friendly faces and accessories!

Join us in Las Vegas to see our one-of-a-kind friendly faces and accessories!

We look forward to seeing those of you who’ll be attending market in Vegas. Remind us to share with you some of these offerings in the Mesa trend in person. The finishes and the patina make them special.