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Front and center in this vignette is the Currey & Company Piero Chandelier.

INSPIRATION | April 21, 2021 | By Saxon Henry

Materials Matter

The variety of materials we use to make our products is extensive and we take great pride in coming up with designs made from materials that are surprising. In the coming months, for instance, we will be releasing a chandelier strung with what seem to be blue and gold beads when they are actually blue balls made from clusters of fabric and gold metal nuggets. We’ll also be launching several chandeliers made with polished discs cut from coconut shells! The Piero Chandelier in the beauty shot above is proof that we’re always thinking outside the box: it looks like rattan but it is made from iron.

Searching by Materials

Piero Chandelier by Currey & Company.

Today we thought we’d remind everyone that searching our website by materials is an excellent way to get to know our products better. Here are a few examples of the offerings found when certain keywords are typed into the search bar on the website.

Products Made of Iron

When iron is the search term, many products come up, including the Piero, and a handful of things we haven’t featured in a while.

The Currey & Company Syrie Chandelier.

The Syrie Chandelier is a beautiful white and gold chandelier that is so light and airy, it leads to thoughts of spring. Turning sheets of wrought iron into artful shapes is among the talents our skilled artisanal craftspeople possess. The Syrie Chandelier with its crimped double shade illustrates this. The white chandelier has a painted contemporary gold finish on the interior of the shades that creates a warm contrast.

The Tulipano Rectangular Lantern by Currey & Company is an example of why materials matter.

Speaking of spring, the Tulipano Rectangular Lantern has four winsome flowers blooming along its frame, the delicacy of the petals making the fact they are fashioned from wrought iron a surprise. The gesso white finish on the white lantern contrasts the interior of the tulips in a painted contemporary gold finish, which brings warmth to the light. We also offer the Tulipano in a traditional lantern shape.

When Rattan is In the Mix

The Currey & Company Saxon Rattan Chandelier.

The results when searching for rattan products illustrate how diverse our selections are in this natural material. From the Saxon Rattan Chandelier above, which is fairly new, to the Silang Console Table below, which is one of our bestsellers, the diversity of designs is exciting to us. The Saxon Rattan Chandelier is a monumental rattan chandelier that joins the black and silver versions of this long-standing popular design. Its shape is a nod to a bygone era, but its slender lines that arc gracefully and the natural rattan make its profile feel modern.

The Silang Console Table by Currey & Company is made of a mix of natural materials.

Our Silang Console Table is a rattan console table with a handmade geometric pattern on the top. Artisans painstakingly cut and fit the reeds in place to create this artful arrangement in the plant’s warm hues. The material is protected by an inset glass top. We also offer the Silang as a drinks table.

The Currey & Company Kingali Lantern.

We have a number of products in our Kingali family of products, including the Kingali Lantern above. Our Kingali Lantern, which has interlocking sections of natural Rattan fastened by wrought iron ties in a new brass finish, was designed by Clarence Mallari.

A Case for Crystals

The Dream-Maker Chandelier by Currey & Company is a formal chandelier.

Now that we’ve explored the casual side of our offerings through our rattan products, searching for furnishings that have crystals dripping from them brings us into more formal territory. Our Dream-Maker Chandelier above is one of our newest offerings with traditional adornments. Only a special spot in a home will do for this chandelier. Made of wrought iron in an antique gold leaf finish, the beautifully ornamented beaded chandelier is classic in its detailing. Clear beads swag along its frame in perfect harmony with the curved arms that drip luminous crystals. The gracefulness that is achieved with a design like this is hard-won, as the crystal elements are all fitted perfectly to this gold chandelier by hand.

One of the primary materials in the Currey & Company Marshallia Chandelier are crystals.

The Marshallia Chandelier is one of our best sellers and we are bringing out a new size in our spring releases soon. Made of wrought iron in a rustic gold finish, it has slender arms dripping with faux rock crystal pendants. A design note is how the candle-sleeves elevating the six bulbs are slender, which enhances the delicacy of this traditionally beautiful gold chandelier.

Oyster Shell Odysseys

The Currey & Company Stillwater Chandelier is adorned with one of our most popular materials – oyster shells.

Going in the opposite direction, searching for products designed with oyster shells brings us some of our most casual furnishings. The natural shells are often combined with materials like concrete and wrought iron. The Stillwater Oval Chandelier dangles strands of hand-selected oyster shells from a wrought iron frame in a blacksmith finish. This versatile shell chandelier illustrates the artistry with which our design team approaches natural, nautical materials. We also offer the Stillwater as a pendant.

The Large Bird Bath by Currey & Company adorned with oyster shells

Another spring has sprung moment brings our Oyster Shell Large Bird Bath front and center. The garden ornament combines uncommon materials and a whimsical design to transform the humble oyster shell and unrefined concrete into a functioning outdoor art piece. All of our concrete bird baths in differing sizes are in a natural finish; and we offer a number of furnishings in the Oyster Shell family.

A Materials World

A pair of Currey & Company Stillwater Pendants in a lovely vignette of our abaca rope furnishings.

We could go on and on with a number of other materials, such as our abaca rope offerings in the image above, but we’ll leave it here for the time being. Did you know you can also search the website by color? Yep. We figure the easier we can make it for you to find what you want, the happier you will be and we all need a little dose of contentment right now!